Mandii Jean aims to win in Mark Painter’s eye-catching design at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show

IH Fashion Show – Michael Diduca was putting his camera to work in the Natick Elks Lodge in Natick, Massachusetts this past Sunday. The photographer captured some pretty epic moments during the evening hours of the show and released some really good photos that he took for everyone to see online. I came across this photo of Mandii Jean across Instagram and Facebook so I felt the need to share it. This is one of many pictures that has been released since the party on Sunday.


Mandii Jean unexpectedly took on her walk alone and represented a designer that suddenly ended up in the show later on. Mark and Bonnie Gagnon (MUA) gave Mandii Jean a helping hand and Mak used some of his pretty awesome clothing to fulfill her special moment in the show. Bonnie Gagnon also put her fingers to work on Mandii Jean’s face and did some pretty good makeup work to match the look. Painterproductions was a big help the entire night and even helped us create a wall divider that would separate the models from being viewed in the public with their collections before the show.


Mandii Jean walked in the center of all four walks that were done by the designer and even had her own music to guide her to Studio Duke photography that waited at the other end. After her walk, she walked alongside Mark Painter who took in the moment of greatness by bringing himself to the center as well. He helped turn a good situation into a great one and Mandii Jean slayed soon after.


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

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