Mandii Jean is ready for the IH Fashion Show: “Catarina Abreu is a talented designer and I can’t wait to represent her and her designs”

(IH Live Access) – Connecticut Mandii Jean is ready to hold down Catarina Abreu’s brand LLeya P on the night of the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show and she’s giving us more than enough to share after doing an interview with me earlier today about her special moment. I caught up with the model to find out the inside scoop on her thoughts as the date of the show approaches, the promo becomes bigger, and the conversations grow bigger. She was recently chosen by Catarina Abreu to walk for her along with 6 other models that were also chosen. We also discussed the people should would like to hang out with, her choice of wardrobe for the event, and the music she would like to hear. Check out the interview!


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Internet Hollywood: What’s happening Mandii Jean? It’s good to finally catch up with you again. The last time we chatted for the website was back in late February when we did the interview together. Whoever thought now we would be chatting about you walking inside of Internet Hollywood’s upcoming fashion show. How is everything going? How does it feel to be selected to walk in the show for LLeya P and are you nervous at all?


Mandii: I am thrilled to be one of the models selected to walk for LLeya P. Catarina Abreu is a talented designer and I can’t wait to represent her and her designs. I’m not at all nervous as we speak. I’m more excited than anything else. My nerves usually come right before the show. More adrenaline pumping than anything else.


Internet Hollywood: You are a familiar name to a lot of people that have been published on Internet Hollywood. You even know a couple of people attending the event. Some of those names are Brysten Bug (Haley Moss), Mariah Cummings, Sonnis Dicesare, Hannah Kjeldsen, Keturah of Eccentric Chic, Evie C. Louise, and Catarina Abreu. What are you hoping the experience will be like when you attend the show and who are some of the people you are excited to hang out with?


Mandii: I am excited to meet some new faces, as well as the ones I’ve worked with in the past. It’s exciting when you get a bunch of creative individuals together in one area. I anticipate a great night and a great opportunity to network with many individuals.


Internet Hollywood: I’m sure you are ready to take on the flashing cameras that will be capturing all the best moments from that evening. A few of the models I talked revealed to me that they were shopping for outfits for the event. Are you doing the same or is your mind pretty much made up on how you’re dressing up for this occasion?


Mandii: I do have a dress in mind. It is a little black dress that I have worn in a photo shoot, but why not have a good excuse to go shopping, right?! Haha.


Internet Hollywood: I also been asking everyone about their taste in music and what they would like to hear the DJ play during his set. What genre of music would you like to hear and if you could choose a few songs what will they be?


Mandii: I’m not the pickiest person when it comes to music. I like whatever I vibe with. Dance, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, etc.


Internet Hollywood: What are you hoping to gain from attending this event and what kind of message would you like to send to the people that will be watching you walk during the show?


Mandii: I am hoping to gain runway experience and boost my self-confidence, to gain exposure and connect with other creative individuals. The kind of message I would want to send to the people watching me walk, and every other day too, is to stand tall. If you get knocked down, make sure you get back up and show them what you’re made of. No one is in control of your life but you. Everyone has the power to live their very best life. Get out there and go get it!



Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Mandii!


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