Marianne Bell talks focusing more on photography, going back to Maine, her photo shoot with Joe Kalos Photography, traveling and more!

Beyond The Lens – One absolutely beautiful photographer/model from the State of Connecticut is expressing is kindly opening up to our questions about her experience as an independent model. We touched down on a few topics and got deeper into her creative life as a model and a photographer.


A couple things we talked about was the chemistry between models and photographers, her dream shoot, what creative hobbies makes her emotional the most, her upcoming projects and more. I find this 10 question interview very interesting for models that are just receiving publications in Internet Hollywood. Bell has answered every question the best way she can and I appreciate her for that. I hope you enjoy the interview!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Marianne! I’m so excited to share these questions with you. I’m not sure if our knew readers are aware that this is our very first interview, but they will definitely be aware now. How are you doing?


Bell: I’m good! Just got back from a weekend trip so I’m nice and relaxed.


Internet Hollywood: That sounds really relaxing. Now we just met and I just adore your work, first of all. I think you have a bright future in modeling. When did you come to the realization that modeling was something that you really want to do?


Bell: Im actually much more focused on my photography. I love expressing myself through photos. And that’s why I model some times.


Internet Hollywood: Would you say the expression of a camera is more stronger than modeling, or do you feel they equally match?


Bell: I would have to say photographer because then I can control all aspects of the photo. That’s why I really love it. I love putting together the outfit and what kind of hair and makeup and even get to choose what model would be best for my concepts.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things that runs through a models mind when she’s doing a photo shoot?


Bell: I’m personally very aware of my body. What poses look the most flattering and so on.


Internet Hollywood: Now you recently did a photo shoot with Joe Kalos Photography. The pictures came out perfect. What was it like to working with the photographer?


Bell: It was a lot of fun! I love finding new magical places. And I think the outfit I choose is my favorite one in my collection so far.

Internet Hollywood: Where would you say is your magical place to do a dream shoot?
Bell: That’s really hard to answer. There’s so many places I want to go. I’d love to capture Dublin some day.
Internet Hollywood: Does the relationship between a model and a photographer influence the way a photo shoot is done? I could imagine the impact negative energy would have if two people are collaborating when they don’t really get alone.
Bell: I’m sure it could. You need to have good communication with your model. I don’t think I’ve personally had a shoot like that. It’s important to keep professional and outside drama away. I personally run for the hills when it comes to drama! Haha. It’s all about the art for me. I don’t let things bother me easily.
Internet Hollywood: Haha. Is there anybody in particular that you want to collaborate with?
Bell: Cara Delevingne! Those eye brows are everything! And I think we would really get along. Haha. I also really love Jemima Kirke. Katherine Hepburn would have been another one for sure. She was ahead of her time with fashion. I think Saoirse Ronan is stunning also. I could keep going and going. It’s hard for me to choose one.
Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things you do when your not modeling?
Bell: Like I said I’m much more focused on photography. I other wise enjoy going exploring. I’m also obsessed with goldfish. I only have seven at the moment but my eldest one is five years old. So I do a lot to take care of them. I enjoy painting and sketching too. My room is full of fish paintings.
Internet Hollywood: Which creative hobby of yours would you say impacts you the most emotionally?
Bell: Setting up a photoshoot can get me really anxious and stressed out beforehand. But then editing and seeing the beautiful work we did makes me feel proud of myself and accomplished.
Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things you are working on now that the public could expect?
Bell: I’ll be doing more traveling in the near future. I’m going back to Maine in a couple of weeks. I’m also fine tuning my underwater photography!
Internet Hollywood: when do you think the time will come when you decide that your going to settle down and move on from photography and modeling?
Bell: I actually want photography to be my full time job one day! It’s something that always makes me happy so I think I’ll always be doing it. I couldn’t imagine having milestones in life happen and not have a camera in my hand to capture it.
Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview Marianne!
Bell: Oh you’re welcome!
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