Maribel Tavares heats up the Internet with back-to-back photo shoots with Majora Images and Constantine Manos

Photo Shoots – Rhode Island model Maribel Tavares is having one helluva summer with all the modeling shes been doing over the past month. The 22-year-old sensation has been publishing new photos from her recent photo shoots with Majora Images and Constantine Manos over her social media pages. Tavares shared the photos with me over the weekend and briefed me on all of her latest work and was very excited to get it out to the public. So I felt the need to share it with you all today.


I have been keeping my eyes on Tavares for quite sometime now. She strikes me as a very passionate person that’s focused on her goals and strategically plans out her moves to accomplishment them. She’s very disciplined and enlightened with a clear thought on what she wants and how she imagines it to be when she gets there. She has been actively carrying out photo shoots at a fast pace and continues to deliver her message as she goes along. I’m positive her name is going to become familiar to everyone in the future.


Alan of Majora Images has proven himself to be one of the best rising sensations in the realm of photography. He is so skilled with a camera and very creative with his work and nobody could deny that. He is setting a path in his life that will define his career as one of the brilliant minds behind a camera. These photo shoots with Maribel Tavern proves just that. I attached some to the story so you all could check it out.


Constantine Manos is a pretty popular photographer to a lot of published models on Internet Hollywood as well. His name has ringing bells like Christmas in Internet Hollywood all year. lol. He is one of the fastest growing photographers in New England among other published ones in Internet Hollywood. The Rhode Island photographer has a strong love for photography and his recent shoot with Tavern adds to his collection of art. He recently collaborated with Isabel Marie Vinson over the weekend.


Maribel Tavares and Constantine Manos will also be attending the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance party in Manchester, CT on August 19th. I look forward to meeting them both!


This story marks Maribel Tavares’s first publication in Internet Hollywood.


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