Marilyn Conley discuss wanting to get into modeling, what kind of photo shoots she wants to do, wanting to attract an agency, loving music, becoming a mother and more!

Beyond The Lens – There is a new face starting off in the independent modeling world and I’m definitely the first one to chop things up with her to help her get some recognition before she officially starts her journey. Conley has been on my page for a little bit and seems to be really interested in modeling. After inviting the model for an interview, she accepted then was sent questions to answer. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Marilyn Conley*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hello Marilyn. I’d like to welcome you to the Internet Hollywood universe and would like to congratulate you on getting your very first interview which will lead to your very first publication on Internet Hollywood. I’ll admit this interview is a little rear since you haven’t really got started with your modeling journey but I look forward to learning more about what your view is as you begin to do things independently. Could you give us a little background story on your interests growing up and what inspired you to want to model?


Conley: When I was a young girl I loved to design my own barbie clothes. Which lead me to fall in love with fashion design. I was not a small or skinny girl growing up so dealing with bullying in school and not feeling pretty in my own skin as the “Fat kid”.  I hated shopping for plus size clothes they were not cute or had any style. They didn’t flatter or make you feel confident. I always wanted to feel confident not only in my skin but the choice of clothing I desired to wear. One of my favorite quotes “if you look good then you feel good”. Around 17years old I started cutting out sodas and only drank water I wanted to be healthier and so sick of plus size clothes being so ugly, and I lost 50lbs. I was also working full time and found passion in shopping finding my own style, loved to dress to impress. I always loved bright colors, never wanted to go to the “little black dress” Always wanted to be the bright yellow and pink girl. I love loud and bold colors kind of reflects my personality. I’m quite the diva!! The older I become, I’m more and more devoted to become a model.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of photo shoots are you interested in doing with photographers?


Conley: Plus size fashion, glamour. I would love to send a positive message to all women (inspirational shoot).


Internet Hollywood: Are you hoping to catch the interest of an agency in the future?


Conley: Most definitely would love the experience. I find true joy in modeling. It’s hard to find something you truly love to do!


Internet Hollywood: What do you hope to get out of all the hard work you plan on putting into modeling?


Conley: Modeling for me in the past was always a hobby and the goal was to have fun and enjoy myself.  I’ve developed so much passion in the model industry that I’m desired to work harder and to do this more than a hobby,  I want to make it a career.


Internet Hollywood: Are there other things besides modeling that you would like to make a career out of?


Conley: I’ve always loved music and loved to sing and dance.


Internet Hollywood: Do the horror stories you hear about other model’s experience with photographers scare you away from trying out modeling?


Conley: Just a little bit, as a woman it’s hard to trust someone especially if you don’t know them. Surround yourself with positive and loyal people and always bring a friend never go alone.


Internet Hollywood: If given a fashion show opportunity will you take it or do you feel like your unprepared to do runway right now?


Conley: YES!!!! That would be a dream come true.  I’m a fast learner and very confident.


Internet Hollywood: Here’s the last question, you don’t have to answer it though. What has been stopping you from pursuing modeling before you made your decision to do it now?


Conley: 11/06/2010 the day my life changed, I became a young mother. I became a mother at 20years old. This is your prime time to start figuring out what you want to do and love to do in life. Experiences, colleges, work. In my case, I had to choose the realistic approach. I choose a career in the dental field. I do enjoy working in the dentistry field but it’s not my passion. I’ve also learned to create a wonderful style as I’m the face of the office which got me more into fashion and loving to overdress and embellish my daily looks.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Conley! I wish you the best on your journey!


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