Mark Diggity just finished his Internet Hollywood Radio interview with Vega!

Musicians / Buzz Alert – It was made known to the public that rap artist Mark Diggity would be one of the music artist that will be getting interviewed for episode 2 of the Internet Hollywood Radio show earlier this week but the latest that’s known about is that it has happened on August 6th. The Connecticut musician called in to discuss everything going on with them since his release from prison and filled us in on where his mind at musically and what we could expect from him in the future. Clips of the interview will be available to listen sometime this week and the full interview will be released this Sunday. Mark Diggity was mentioned on Internet Hollywood Radio this past Sunday and his song ‘I Can’t Trust Nobody’ was also played on Internet Hollywood Radio.
~Listen To Mark Diggity Being Mentioned On Radio Show~


Mark Diggity: Instagram


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