Mark Diggity releases new song ‘Go Out’ featuring G.o.l.d and Shoog while awaiting 5 year sentence, will release EP on the birth date of his first born child

(I)Music News – Connecticut rap artist Mark Diggity is keeping the summer hot with a brand new song he released late June that features G.O.L.D and Shoog. The song ‘Go Out’ is an amp-party track with a commercial sound and a catchy hook that G.O.L.D and Shoog executes through the entire song. It was the perfect assistance to provide to Diggity’s well structured bars that he spitted in his verse.


The song was produced by PaperFail Bros and has already pushed into the hundreds with viewers. You may not think that’s not a lot until you imagine what it’s like squeezing hundreds of people in a venue for a show. That’s when the real idea of numbers becomes realistic outside of a lesser understanding mind


After talking with Diggity he put me on game with the inside story behind the single he put together with the two incredibly talented artists. He told me the song was inspired by trials and tribulations he faces awaiting his sentencing for 5 years. He also was comfortable with me sharing that he is is currently on house arrest on an ankle bracelet with a 7’o clock curfew.


During that time he picked out a beat from PaperFall Bros an reached out to G.O.L.D who wrote the hook as he recorded in Berlin, CT at “Paul Masacitolo” studio. R&B artist Shoog is also an engineer in that studio that ended up on the song with Diggity as well. Diggity explained how he felt something was missing so he put Shoog on the song to complete the record with a modern style that’s popular today.


Although time away from the music scene will be hard, he said it’s a “Blessings In Disguise” when asked why he named the album “B.I.D”. The date of the release of the EP is scheduled to reach most blog sites on August 13th. You could check out the song by clicking the highlighted link below!


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