Mass Model Mariah Cummings Will Receive Her First Publication In Internet Hollywood Magazine In July 2019!

Internet Hollywood News (Magazine) – Just a few months back, Internet Hollywood celebrated it 5th year anniversary and many things has been happening before that happened, while it happened, and now after. Independent Massachusetts Mariah Cummings was also be added to the lineup of hard workers that will be featured in Internet Hollywood’s first issue that will be released in late July and she’s beyond ready to make her debut in the magazine after learning about it earlier this this year. She was the second person that was chosen to be featured in the magazine and is one of the models that walked in the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show. Congratulations to the beautiful Mariah Cummings.



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated





Mariah Cummings:  Instagram 

Photographer: Dan (@danarruphotography)

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