Massachusetts DJ Kila Trax discuss his influences, the hardest thing to learn as a DJ, future projects, whether he feels DJs are being respected and more

Beyond The Lens – One DJ out of the state of Massachusetts is giving us the real in our interview and we posting everything without filters. I had the pleasure in doing the short interview with the DJ after receiving the links he posted on a status I wrote that requested upcoming talent post their pages under the comment section. After receiving their links I messaged everyone of them and asked them five questions.


Trax kept it real all the way through and expressed his views as directly as he could. I hope you enjoy reading the interview below!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Kila Trax*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Kila Trax! Thanks for taking the time out to answer these very few questions from us. You are actually the first DJ that we have ever interviewed in Internet Hollywood. What were the very first steps you took before becoming a dj and who influenced you?


Trax: What is good Internet Hollywood? It is a pleasure and honor to be the 1st featured DJ for your site. I started my music journey when i was 15. I was Really into hip hop at the time and EDM was something never thought of. When I was about 17 I bought The first Crystal Method album and thought..not bad, so i went to a rave to see the culture and was instantly hooked. I went to see Bad Boy Bill and to this day he is one of my biggest influences.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the hardest things to learn when trying to become a DJ?


Trax: One of the most difficult thing for me was my pursuit to be the best. I was my own worst critic and was always making mixes for friends. They always said this is great why aren’t you in the clubs? EASY ANSWER..I didn’t feel up to par compared to some of the DJ’s I had seen, my mixing skills were sub par for the first 5-8 yrs. In Year 8 into it i bought a computer and a recording program and made myself a goal to have a CD good enough to hand to a promoter/owner and be confident it was good enough. I beat my goal by 2 years and was booked by one of the top labels in new England (Volume Productions). Thats when i felt good enough to be in front of a crowd and along side of the ones who i had watched for years..


Internet Hollywood: Now that there is so many devices that makes it a lot easier for people to claim they are real DJ’s do you feel it kind of ruins it for real DJ’s that really put in the work?


Trax: I’ll make this one very simple, there is TONS of new technology coming out everyday. Yes anyone can grab a laptop and think they can DJ. Heres the twist, if you want to do something and succeed in it KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!!! To many heads come into this scene thinking their sh** doesn’t stink and they are the ones who did absolutely NO HOMEWORK. If you want to label yourself as a “DJ” know how to actually be a beast behind the decks, also, it really doesn’t matter the media you use to create music. A good DJ can read crowds and adjust the mood for the setting. It’s called doing the work and knowing how to do your job as a DJ.


Internet Hollywood: DJ’s are the beginning source to the creation of hip hop. If it wasn’t for DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Africa Bambaataa the reality of hip hip would cease to exist. Do you feel the musicians are not respecting the DJ’s role as the main source to the creation of hip hop?


Trax: Dj Kool Herc and Bambatta were the early stages with The Sugar Hill gang following years later. All are known for helping hip hop become what it is.. DJ’s being a main part. When i started DJing I did my homework and found out that DJ’s were a main part of the Disco movement which was also a huge part in bringing hip hop to the forefront. DJ’s like Herc were most def a main reason hip hop is what it is today, and in my opinion, if you are a DJ or musician and you don’t know the history refer to my answer to question 2. lol.


Internet Hollywood:What are some of the latest things that you are working on that the public should know about?


Trax: I am always doing something, but as far as letting the public what I am up to… My DJ partner and I are in the works of creating a website to help DJ’s and Artists. We will be doing a weekly web show with featured DJ’s along with artists doing their art. There was a lot of thought into this and we are hoping it takes off and becomes a hub for Dj’s/producers/artists to not only find each other, but it will also serve as a networking tool for DJ’s who aren’t well known. We called it Project S!ne, so if you are reading this please go check us out. The website will be done soon and will be open for public..


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Trax!


Trax was also the DJ at Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year back in April. The event was held at The Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts. He was recommended by his friend / model Isabel Vinson. I definitely had the great pleasure in meeting him. He’s definitely one of the coolest people I have seen that night. I look forward to booking him for future events.


The photo in this story was taken by Holbrook Photography!



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