Massachusetts Model Brianna Cabell slays her new photo shoot with Kojo Capture!

Photo Shoots – A lot of new faces have been receiving publications on our website for their hard work this week and the reports following those faces won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Model Brianna Cabell is another new face that will be popping up on the front page of after slaying a new photo shoot she recently did with Kojo Capture. I saw the photos from the shoot on her page and became really interested in writing about it so I contacted her through messenger and asked if she would like me to write about it and she gave me the green light.


I received a total of four pictures from the photo shoot that also included other familiar names that were published on the website as well; Yomo Perez of Styled By Yomo and Samantha Gottlich of NROR ART. Yomo Perez is currently managing Brianna Cabell and was the brains behind the idea of the shoot. Brianna explained to me how things work behind the scenes under Yomo’s wing and what she does to improve herself as a model before making her next move. Here’s what she said:


“before every shoot we have a mindset of we want to improve ourselves whether it’s the pose or picking different looks. My manager and I got published with the first shoot we worked together so after that we have been working with each other ever since and every time we work hard to have the goal to being published so others can see what the results of hard work look like.”

She continued:


We are positive role models and are very independent. I use my struggles through life as motivation and use modeling as a comfortability to having control over my potential. After every shoot, I look over my pictures and look at what could I do better in my next shoot. Along with taking time to think of creative ideas to take modeling to another level and one day creating a different trend in modeling. And changing the idea of modeling and using it as an outlet.”


Without a doubt, I believe Brianna will successfully create the perfect trends that fit her creative perception alongside Yomo Perez, who is known for her hard work, awesome designs, events, and other projects she indulges in. The combination of these great thinkers manifesting their ideas, in reality, will be far more than enough to shake up things for the better of both of their careers in the future. You could check out their follows and follow their pages below.



Yomo Perez, Rebecca, Brianna Cabell, Samantha Gottlich
Brianna Cabell, Rebecca Rozayy, Yomo Perez, Samantha Gottlich


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MUA : @yomo_c
Styled by: @styledbyyomo
Beauty: @brithelifesaver2k17

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