Massachusetts Model Emily Ford Returns In Time For Internet Hollywood Magazine Release

emiy ford 2

Prince Vega – One of Prince Vega’s first model recruits has returned and celebrity status has been granted to her once she arrived. It’s been two years since the two-time headlining goddess has made front page news in Internet Hollywood, but we are certain that will change now that she’s back.

The last time we heard from the model was when she spoke in favor of Prince Vega’s idea of launching Internet Hollywood radio for the very first time back in May 2014. She went to tell our reporters that she feels promoting and marketing tools are great for entertainers from all walks of life.

“Yes I think it’s an awesome idea,” She told us back in 2014. “Because those are great promoting and marketing tools for entertainers from all walks of life. Its great to get the exposure that we all deserve and work so hard for. Especially for Vega as well, as I’m sure they (Internet Hollywood) are very busy with the upkeep of these sites, along with the new radio show! Lots of hard work goes into everything that is great.”

Emily Ford is a sword waiting to slice through her competitors during the race to the top model charts on July 26th. She will represent a more higher class of models that were Prince Vega’s first model recruits before the creation of Internet Hollywood.

Ford has a playful personality that’ll steal the hearts of anyone that shares a moment to speak with her. She can be very open and strategic enough with her words you’d think you was in a world war words battle – seriously lol – she’s entertaining. Who could resist such a strong woman with such unique class that isn’t afraid to take risk?

You can look forward to photo shoots with the model in her successful future. Her hard work will help her progress gradually in upcoming months. There is no telling if Emily Ford will be featured in Internet Hollywood’s July issue. But we are certain her days of being a cover girl is soon coming! The scorching picture of Emily Ford was took by the extremely talented Anson V. Frazier Photography in support of Fractured Ties.

~*~*Welcome Back Emily*~*~

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