Massachusetts Model Erika Lynn Reveals Her Childhood Crush, Confesses To Crushin On John Stamos

Topic Of The Week –  Looks like John Stamos got a thing going on with the ladies in Internet Hollywood. Model Rhea Rayne recently claimed the actor had her childhood heart in a interview with us. The Massachusetts model said she use to watch every episode of Full House and never missed one. But she isn’t the only one.


After interviewing upcoming Massachusetts model Erika Lynn, we found out she also had the hearts for John Stamos when she was growing up.


“My favorite show was definitely full house and i had a huge celeb crush on John Stamos also known as Jesse on full house! he was so dreamy to me lol, still is!?”

Lynn is one of the newer models of Internet Hollywood that was added to our list of sensations in January. She has been published in Internet Hollywood six times, including twice this month. She has been averaging a story a week in the first quarter of February and March.


The Massachusetts model caught the attention of two Internet Hollywood reps that contacted Prince Vega who checked her profile out later. After admiring her potential he immediately sent her an invitation to be a Internet Hollywood sensation.


This stunning featured image in this story was taken by David West of Born Imagery. Shanise De Silva was the extremely talented sensation who provided the wardrobe and did the stylist work.

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