Massachusetts Model Kaitlyn Costa talks modeling independently, what she learned, her main goal, favorite holiday shoot and style of modeling!

Beyond The Lens – Things have been pretty busy for me and others over the holidays, especially on Halloween. I have been getting the inside scoop on the upcoming plans for a lot of upcoming talent that was happy to share their stories with me.


One of the awesome people I got in touch with was Massachusetts model Kaitlyn Costa. Costa is an awesome model that I’ve known since earlier this year. She attended Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year back in April. Now she’s getting her very first interview with us.


I sent her eight questions and got seven answers in return. My only guess is she probably didn’t see the last one. lol. I always enjoy talking to Kaitlyn. She didn’t say much in this interview. But It feels nice to finally share one of our discussions with you all.


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Kaitlyn Costa*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Kaitlyn!?  It’s always a pleasure talking to the new people that have been supporting Internet Hollywood since the beginning of this year. Halloween was definitely a popular topic in Internet Hollywood last month. We saw a lot of shoots come from newer faces all over social media.How was your Halloween? Did you dress up at all?


Costa:  It’s been a pleasure supporting Internet Hollywood and your endeavors. For Halloween I did dress up as an elf I had a great time with friends.


Internet Hollywood: What holiday inspires you more the most to do shoots?


Costa:  I would say the holiday that inspires me the most to do shoots would be Halloween or a fall based photo shoot.


Internet Hollywood:  I love your new photos on Instagram. You are a truly remarkable person with so much potential. Are there more collaborations in store for the future?


Costa: Thank you so much for your compliment I really appreciate that. Yes, there are more collaborations in-store stay tuned.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the people that you want to work with?


Costa: There are just too many people to name.


Internet Hollywood: What style of modeling are you open to doing and what kind of style of modeling you can’t imagine yourself doing at this point?


Costa: I don’t have a particular style I wouldn’t be comfortable doing. I guess it just depends.


Internet Hollywood: What is the most important thing you learned as an independent model this year?


Costa: The most important thing I have learned this year as an independent model is that you have to get yourself out there.


Internet Hollywood: What is the main goal you wish to accomplish to feel you’ve fulfilled your dream? 


Costa: The main goal that I wish to accomplish would be to work with high-end fashion magazines. I would also like to get into acting.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much, Kaitlyn!


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Raven Macabre (photographer): Instagram – Facebook

Kaitlyn Costa: Facebook

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