Massachusetts Model Miss Beautiful Chaos shakes it up in her new photo shoot with Melv John!

Photo Shoots – Independent Massachusetts model Miss Beautiful Chaos has been keeping herself busy now that she finally made her return to modeling and the aftermath of that return has left a trail of new projects and many more on the horizon. I recently caught up with the model to get an update on some of the latest things she had going on before finding out she recently did a photo shoot with a photographer by the name of Melv John.


After receiving the photos from the photoshoot she gave me a little bit of the background story on her working relationship with Melv John and how the photo shoot came about. She told me that she met Melv John a few years ago and she does photo shoots with him at least once a month. She also explained how she wanted to go the seduction route in this photoshoot and send a strong message with her new look:


“I had just cut my hair as a big change for things in my life and wanted to shoot something that said “ damn she’s bad” even when she’s suffering!”


Miss Chaos gave me a total of four amazing pictures from her photo shoot to share on the website and I’m happy she did. She is one of the hardest working independent models I know that also invest her time in doing photography as well. Seeing her return to modeling is exciting to watch for those that know her personally because we know she’s been through a lot. I look forward to seeing everything else she has planned in the near future. You could follow her by clicking the highlighted link next to their names below.




Miss Beautiful Chaos: Instagram

Melv John: (waiting for the link)

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