Massachusetts Model NilkaDeTorres Wishes Internet Hollywood A Happy Third Year Anniversary!

Reactions– Massachusetts model NilkaDeTorres is giving us all the love we need in her new selfie she sent to us of her in a Internet Hollywood shirt while she held an “Happy Birthday Internet Hollywood” sign. The photo was published by Prince Vega who tagged the model in it on his social media page along with dozens of other birthday submissions from other sensations from the website.


He thanked the model for always supporting him, saying that she always “hold him down” whenever he needs her. NilkaDeTorress expressed her love and support for Internet Hollywood in a comment section that reads: “That’s What we Do. Much Blessings and a successful journey to Internet Hollywood!!!!”


Many sensations are unaware that NilkaDeTorress role in Internet Hollywood is one of the most important. The model is a visionary that helps organize and decorate Internet Hollywood parties. As a matter of fact, she’s currently helping out with Internet Hollywood’s first party in Massachusetts that’s coming in April. She was recently selected by Prince Vega to be one of the powerful minds behind a lot of the event planning in Internet Hollywood.


The celebration of Internet Hollywood’s third year running has been going on since February 8 (birth date) and will stop on Monday (February 12). The day falls in line with Arlene Diaries, which starts January 22nd and ends on February 14. Arlene Diaries acts as the history book of Internet Hollywood’s most memorable moments


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