Massachusetts Model & Performer Angel Rosen talks about her first heartbreaking experience at 19: “I even stopped performing at that point in time.”

Topic of the Week – Independent Massachusetts Model & Performer Angel Rosen shared her story for Internet Hollywood’s hot topic of the month. Many people have been sharing their past experiences dealing with their first crush and heartbreak since I brought up the topic and I’m happy to share everyone’s story. Here’s what Angel Rosen had to say!


“My first heartbreak, wow….That didn’t happen until I was about 19, and had moved to Raleigh, NC. Too perform with a handful of local bands. Where I fell head over heels for a bass player. He was tall, weird & extremely talented. I secretly crushed on him for months, because I was so nerdy. I had no idea how to even pursue him. We did eventually date and had a fabulous times together. A lot of them, I still hold very dear to my heart. But, we wanted different things and eventually broke up. The first heartbreak is one of the deepest. I even stopped performing at that point in time. Through myself into other work, to keep me distracted. As a youth you never think the pain is going to go away. But, I had some amazing friends help me pull through it. Even the sad times teach you to grow and I’m still grateful for the life lesson.”


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