Massachusetts MUA Vanessa Benoit talks her inspiration behind doing makeup, her favorite products, main goals, fears, and challenges!

Beyond The Lens – MUA Vanessa Benoit is giving us a lot to think about after a recently we wrapped up over the weekend for the website. Benoit is a talented model/student from the state of Massachusetts that volunteered to participate in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show coming up in May/June.


She was one of the 4 makeup artists I selected that will be involved in the fashion show. Other makeup artists will be provided by fashion designer Yomo Perez of Styled By Yomo. I have been learning about Vanessa for a week and she strikes me as a very strong, well spoken and creative person that allows herself to learn from others while she teaches in return. I had a great time interviewing her. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Vanessa Benoit*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hello beautiful Vanessa! Thank you for giving me the time out of your busy day to chop it up with you on a few things I been wanting to discuss. We just recently got in contact with each other and as the days go by you continue to strike me with your amazing personality that’s filled with humbleness. I could really sense a light shining behind that smile of yours. Speaking of lights, what was the inspirational light that made you want to do makeup?


Benoit: First off thank you for the amazing opportunity to even chat with you and answer any and all of your questions. The inspirational light that made me want to do makeup is simply just making others feel good about themselves and support self-love. The whole point of makeup to me is to enhance natural beauty and not re-create it.


Internet Hollywood: I’m sure as a youngin growing up you explored many makeup products and found many that you consider favorites. Care to name some of your favorite products to use?


Benoit: That’s a very tough question to ask a makeup addict lol. I have plenty of products I love and would recommend but my top 5 products that are my all time favorite are; the Makeup Forever foundation in the shade Y505, the NARS radiant creamy concealer in the shade Carmel, Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, Laura Mercier translucent setting powder in both translucent and deep dark and bath and body works mentha lip gloss. That lip gloss is everything. With or without makeup it will be on my lips day and night.


Internet Hollywood: A lot of people admire makeup by judging how it looks on someone’s face. There are also the ones that see deeper meanings to colors and feel like it expresses apart of them in some way. Do you feel there is a much deeper meaning besides looking good when you wear makeup?


Benoi: Absolutely. Makeup is more than just products that make you look prettier. Just like music, It’s a form of art which you get to express any way your heart desires. Your face is a blank canvas on which you get to create the way you want others to view you. A simple bold lip color can change someone’s entire mood. That’s the Power of makeup.


Internet Hollywood: Do you have bigger visions that go beyond makeup and expands into other things? What is the main goal?


Benoit: At first I just liked makeup and use to just do makeup on myself for fun when I was bored. But now, my dream is to become a beauty influencer and inspire others beyond just applying makeup to their face. I plan to create a beauty YouTube channel where I can share my love and any knowledge of makeup and beauty I have to the world. I want to encourage all women and men to love themselves and others no matter what shade of skin they are because we are all just trying to win in life. My ultimate goal is to do what I love, Love what I do and make others happy one makeup look at a time.


Internet Hollywood: You were also volunteered to be a makeup artist at Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show in May. What made you want to volunteer and how excited are you?


Benoit: Words can’t explain how excited I am to have the chance to participate in such an amazing event. I wanted to volunteer so I could showcase my love for makeup and create all kinds of fun and interesting fierce looks and to meet new and exciting people in the process.


Internet Hollywood: Do you currently offer your services at a rate for clients?


Benoit: Honestly at the moment, I am still trying to figure that out. I offer whatever services I am capable of doing to all my existing and future clients. I try my best to do whatever works for my clients and worry about the prices and all after that. My client’s happiness is top priority for me.


Internet Hollywood: What has been your biggest challenge since you started chasing after your dreams and how often do you find yourself wanting to give up?


Benoit: My biggest challenge so far since becoming a makeup artist is learning how to deal with all types of personalities and self-doubt. Being a freelance MUA, deals with people who think they are a makeup God and others who more down to earth and humble. I welcome anyone I met for the first time with a warm smile and willing to take any advice and critique they have to say because I can learn a thing or two from them. I also learn not to take every little thing someone says personally. As for giving up, that rarely happens because every time I come close to feeling like giving up God gives me an opportunity to continue to follow my dreams.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what is your biggest fear when it comes to you and your dreams?


Vanessa: My biggest fear is ending up unhappy and unsuccessful. I fear that I won’t push myself enough out of my comfort zone and really explore my dreams to the fullest. Before I decide to chase my dream, I was studying to become a nurse. Some people would throw shade and say being a MUA is not a real job and won’t get you far in life by just doing that. I want to do everything and anything I can to prove to people that you do not need to have a degree to be happy and successful. Not everyone was born to go to college and become a doctor, nurse or lawyer. I choose to live my dream and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Zayla. I look forward to meeting you at the Internet Hollywood party!


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~*~*Venessa’s work*~*~

Photographer: Tanisha garner / Model: Rennea / Hair: Christie G / Mua: Venessa Benoit


~~*Credits & Links*~*~

Vanessa Benoit: Instagram

Raha Photography (photographer): Instagram

Stylist: Yomo Perez

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