Massachusetts Plus Size Model Kris Teena reflects on her audition for the Internet Hollywood fashion show: “I went out, I strutted my best and I hope that is enough.”

Internet Hollywood Party – With the Internet Hollywood fashion show pushed to next year there is so much that needs to be talked about. We have Arlene Diaries, a new magazine, runway show, the Internet Hollywood awards, my mixtape, music video, the return of Internet Hollywood radio and more. And In the mix of all the things coming up you could expect the name Kris Teena to be mentioned plenty of times.


Kris Teena is a beautiful plus size model from the state of Massachusetts that has been to both Internet Hollywood parties this year and auditioned for the Internet Hollywood fashion show at the party in August. The names selected for the fashion show has not been selected yet but I thought it would be cool to catch up with Kris Teena to interview her about her appearance at our last event. Enjoy!


~*~*Interview /w Kris Teena*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Kris Teena!? It’s been three months since the Internet Hollywood casting call and you alongside many others that took on the casting call and had a lot of fun doing it. You were definitely one of the people that brought an amazing amount of energy during that night. How did you feel during your walk? Do you feel you did great?


Teena: well I am not really built to do runway work. I am obviously plus size and wobble in heels like a newborn baby deer. lol. However, that being said I am still all about the YOLO. I went out I strutted my best and I hope that is enough.


Internet Hollywood: How would you describe the feeling of connecting with others you see online in the independent modeling field?


Teena:  I love getting out to these events to connect with new faces to me. To me, I do my best to network while I am at the events. There is no better way to vibe with others than meeting them in person.


Internet Hollywood: You always carry a good energy with you and you shared that with everybody at the party. Where did you learn how to become so humble?


Teena: I literally come from very little. My family has never been rich probably won’t be either I know what its like to struggle and need help and I also know how hard it is to ask for help too. I absolutely never want anyone who meets me to feel like oh she’s a snob or shes a b***h or anything negative of that nature. I want those who interact with me to say she’s a cool chick and she just goes with the flow which is what I do. I want people to want to work with me approach me and look forward to the time they may spend shooting with me.

Internet Hollywood: Who were some of the people you were rooting for in the casting call?


Teena: I really really adore everyone so to make me pick certain models is like so difficult. Everyone is in the same game just different levels. I really hoped the best for everyone that went out there and strutted their stuff.

Internet Hollywood: The runway show has been pushed to March 2018 because of miscommunication and other personal reasons I can not disclose at this time. One thing I noticed is the excitement for some designers because it allows them to show off new collections. Do you feel a spring runway show would be more exciting than a winter one?


Teena: Spring would be a better time, the weather is nicer out and the styles that show up in spring seem to be more invigorating.


Internet Hollywood: Here’s a question I’ve been asking people; what did you think of Internet Hollywood Vega’s song ‘cookie’ that he performed?


Teena: Omg I loved it so much so I recall messaging you to find out how I can get it for my phone. I literally couldn’t stop singing it for like a week and a half.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; who are some of the people that you hope to see at the next Internet Hollywood party?


Teena: I love to see all the regulars because most of the people I see at the events live in other states from me. Some are from Vt and Some are from CT meanwhile I am in Massachusetts halfway between Providence RI and Boston so I get excited when I get to see them. I also really love to meet all new faces and connect and talk about setting up potential shoots.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Kris Teena! Thank you for coming out and good luck!


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Kris Teena: Facebook 

Lauren Farrington (photographer): Facebook – Instagram

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