Mayhem Music Billboard Charts: Hopsin Bites Into Tech N9ne; Refuses To Budge After ‘IMOH7’ Release!

hopsin tech n9ne

The strong battle between two powerful forces has finally made its way into our universe and we are very excited to report on it. The powerful Tech N9ne remains one of the elders hovering across the underground and nobody can ever change the status of Tech N9ne’s legacy. The committee is geared to share their opinions on the status of both incredible musicians as the charts round up the votes from both parties before releasing the first list in the beginning of next month. Hopsin has secured his name in our universal chain as one of the head runners after racking a strong 6 vote against Tech’s 9 out of the 21  private member committee. Hopin scored the extra three votes after the release of his new powerful ‘Ill Mind of Hopsin 7’ video. Among the young competitors is independent artists like Dizzy Wright, Chris Webby, 50 cent, Jarren Benton, Mac Miller & More.

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