Mayhem Music Billboard Charts: Late Nite Snacks Biggest Challenge Enters IHollywood – Joe Banga?


The headlining Internet Hollywood universe is under the pressure from the Mayhem Music charts as Connecticut musicians collide! Joe Banga (50%) collides with Late Nite Snacks (125%) with a strong two party vote under the second committee voting system! The shocking entry opened the doors with a force unrecognized by elder members of the Internet Hollywood universe. Snacks has already scored a strong eight versus Prime Ex’s four leaving Joe Banga two votes behind in the underground Connecticut battle. The update marks the beginning stage of the international battle between upcoming musicians on a new promotional platform. The leading party with the majority enters the top of the charts with an advantage unlike any other!


Late Nite Snacks – 125%

Joe Banga –   50%

Prime Ex –  100%



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