Mayhem Music Billboard Charts: Late Nite Snacks To Face Off With Prime EX In ‘Top Ten’ In August

snacks gigggggg


Headlining stars of our rap universe will collide forces in one of the most powerful battles in Internet Hollywood history. The second floor committee will face the music as these two get familiar with upcoming artists Steve Grant, D.I.S.L Automatic, Ghostryder, Evil Truth and more on August 1st. The international debut of our billboard lineups marks the first Hip Hop battle ever documented in our headlining universe since its start months ago. Snacks has proven his dedication by elevating his levels in our ranks a short week after his shocking debut. The release of his new video ‘Farewell’ worked its way into the Internet Hollywood scene after being voted into the circuit shortly after Prince Vega himself submitted the song in. Prime Ex alongside fellow Connecticut rapper Nick Dyber is the only two artists known in our universe to have full  reviews following the release of their mix-tape projects. The votes decided by the second floor private committee will be determined by amount of work each artist put in within a year period. The charts will continue to update a week leading up to every month where the results will be released!

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