Mayhem Music Billboard Charts: Prime Ex & Snacks Giggaty Collides; Prime Ex Leads With 75%

snacks vs prime

Snacks Giggaty massive 50% score represents two votes from the second floor private committee in this tense battle that is expected to go on for the entire week. Snacks Giggaty debut combines the energy from his recent headlines that continuously put Snacks in the public’s eyes. The magic in what happens to those that keeps themselves headlining in of our universe makes Internet Hollywood a special place where chances are greater to expand. Prime Ex triple count for the second party vote  is clearly because of the impact of his “H” mix-tape that recently went under the microscope in our universe. The votes placed are made after reviewing work made within a year that’s visible to the public engine wise. Will Late Nite Snacks remain dominant and find his way to gain the lead against his challengers? We’ll keep you updated!!!

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