Mayhem Music Billboard Charts: R&B Singer Talon Haynes Voted Into Top Ten; Ties With Snacks Giggaty

talon haynes 3

Talon Haynes remains phenomenal in his debut performance after earning two votes from the second floor committee an hour before the launch of the Mayhem Music billboard charts. The R&B singer has broke into our circuit with an explosive track named ‘With My Eyes Closed’ that was released around the the fall of last year. Talon has clearly found his calling across our board with more power to add to his impact while colliding with upcoming artists internationally in our committee’s eyes. The 50% represent the two member vote out of the private floor committee that is reviewing visible work made within a year by each artist that enters our circuit. Talon is one of many faced with numerous challenges as the votes increase as the days come to a close at the ending of the week. Prime Ex is currently the front runner in the on going battle between forces aiming for the international top ten charts in Internet Hollywood with a combine vote of 75% now.

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