Mayhem Music: Is Prime Ex New “H” Mix-Tape Worth Listening To? Check Our Review!

 Many would over exaggerate the sound of something they like and convince themselves that its something they love. I’ve grown to notice one bar out of a three minute song can be enough to tap into the curious mind of a conscious listener. Many would break an entire structure into blocks of legos and handpick what it is they find most exciting about a song an artist creates depending on who they are. Normally the people that creates the scale to weigh how effective an artist is-is the ones known for doing reviews on video streaming sites like Youtube. Our journalists practice that form of reviewing individuals but in a more easier way simply because of our busy schedule. We give a basic detailed examination on the structure of a song an the artist than pretty much move on. Everything documented about an artist on Internet Hollywood is forever recorded history and it never leaves. The first artist that is finding its way under the microscope is a very talented artist from Connecticut that goes by the name of Prime Ex. Prime Ex is a known artist throughout our committee for strongly effecting the voting system during the countdown leading to the top billboard charts. We are glad to put his new mix-tape under review now that Mayhem Music has found its way back into a new promotional system.



The Microscope Review

Prime Ex guides us through his mix-tape with an interesting sample before calmly dropping metaphorical bars that gives you a modern feel though the vibe of his flow seams more older. The freestyle is a multi blast equipped with swift deliveries that punishes the track in the smoothest way possible.

Intro – Rank: 7.5/10 (Very relaxing and necessary for an Intro)


The second song continues the smooth flow with a more amp type beat. Prime reintroduces his talented style of singing he’s known for amongst those that are aware of his music. The lyrics doesn’t seam to fall in place to what some would normally expect topic wise until the closing of the first verse leading to the hook. Its not until then Prime Ex paints the picture for us to imagine how fake people are in his explosive second verse that is very impressive. The warm up is only getting more hotter in this one.


Fake Love – Rank: 6.7/10 (Acceptable and decent warm up)

The heat is now setting flames as Prime strongly delivers a more aggressive flow that embraces his lifestyle and recognition status in the musical field. The style even took his flow to greater heights that even compared the love he receives from the radio to Funk Master Flex. Prime continues to provide the skillfully managed smooth tone of his flow with a taste of r&b from Roze that connected into a very explosive club like hook.


So Many – Rank: 8/10 (Very strong, different)


The mix-tape slows up and drives us with the force of smooth frequencies to cater to the more female audience. The flow connected perfectly with the hook and carried the torch that holds the light on the story Prime never lets go the entire song. The quality of the track showed commercial appeal and is guaranteed to fill listeners with a thought of some of their personal experiences. The singing from Roze was amazing and Prime Ex perfected his flow by staying on topic while delivering incredible bars that pulled together the song perfectly.


Hesitate – Rank: 10/10 (Uplifting, Powerful & Needed in Today’s Industry)


The Prime Ex Journey continues with an explosive new groove that smooths the vibe to a more sexually appealing nature to female listeners. The hard hitting lyrics shared in the first verse by Kid Rich pitches a clear vision to imagine what happens while the hook grasp the emotion that holds in the sensation that makes the feeling special. Prime Ex verse perfected the style of the new energy created out of this brand new commercial sound that isn’t easily found in the modern era of music. The song is by far the most powerful on the “H” mix-tape.


Be About It – Rank: 10/10 (Absolutely Amazing, Perfect)


The power behind the next track is far more different. The aggressive hard knocking beat that eats into the track leaves a hole big enough for Prime Ex to drop lyrical bodies in. The style of his flow pretty much carries the same torch as the earlier tracks but the level of intensity in its impact is far more greater. The hook is well put together and is clearly one of the most interesting hooks by far on the mix-tape. The song introduces us to another voice that has easily help the momentum of the aggressive vibe that thrives on the energy each flow carries.


Move The Whole Thing – Rank 8.7/10 (Pure Energy)



Mixing what’s found in epic sounds such as ‘Rock Bandz’ makes this mix-tape a more interesting piece of art that paints a clear picture that defines the true meaning behind a real artist. Although the track features another headlining artist in Internet Hollywood we could easily add that the combination between the two makes impressive material that has good enough quality to be commercialized. The hook provided by Nick Dyber keeps the heat of the fire warm while Prime keeps his directed arrows on point with each verse he delivers to complete this great track


Rock Bandz – Rank 7.5/10 (Mainstream potential)



Pretending to be impressed would make writing about this next song less exciting. The truth behind the signs I’m giving that hint these songs are greatly put together would indicate that nothing about this mix-tape is boring. Prime Ex has repeatedly kept a smooth pace flow and thrown in vicious lines repeatedly inside each track on this mix-tape without falling off once. The song ‘With Or Against’ is another clear example of how a calm flow can ride the beat and still be as effective as a fast one. The hook is decent and the style of the verses connected with the rhythm of the beat perfectly.


With Or Against – Rank 6.7/10


The lyrical formula continues to mix as Prime twist his style to a more direct ‘freestyle’ like flow. The artist captures a new motive that shows his influence by switching up Biggies “Going back to Cali” song by replacing “Cali” with “The Top” on a short two minute song. The song reflects on the aggressive mentality on his second verse and it almost sounds as if he’s targeting another artist subliminally.


Going Back – Rank (N/A)


Upon closing the eleven track mix-tape we continue without escaping the path that adds the fuel to the bragging rights Prime continues to send in his lyrical message. Prime continues to acknowledge the power behind his lifestyle as his career continues to grow. The flow remained smooth and effective throughout the whole collection of tracks involved in this mix-tape. The hook was a decent mix of a sample I could not identify but it was very entertaining to listen to hype wise.


Pay – Rank 7/10 (Same Prime Ex)


Prime finally brings us to mixture of tracks twisted into a bundle to finish off the explosive eleven track mix-tape that keeps the grind of Prime’s time stronger than ever without slowing down. Prime clearly remains a name explained with words like “hook man” to credit the creative hooks he makes on all the tracks he involves himself with. Prime Ex is a headlining name in our universe and we are honored to review his mix-tape and give him a documented ranking on Internet Hollywood for the very first time.


Prime Ex  “H” Overall Ranking:   7.5/10

(Needed: Was Hoping It Would Be Longer)


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