Mayhem Music: Late Nite Snacks Selfies Up With New Photo On Facebook

snacks selfe 2

Internet Hollywood headliner Late Nite Snacks is opening up his Thursday morning with a brand new selfie flick he took before sharing to the public on Facebook. The triple headlining Mayhem Music all star kept his words simple for those around to understand the point he was getting across.  The Connecticut born rapper barely wakes up a day without thanking God for waking him up in the morning so he could continue to put his mind and body to work “grinding” it out. Late Snacks is along the very few artists from Connecticut that has repeatedly headlined in the Internet Hollywood universe alongside rappers Prime Ex, Nick Dyber & Joe Banga.  Late Nite Snacks just recently released a music video on his ‘Million Dollar Camp’ Youtube channel with an explosive new song ‘Farewell’ for everyone to listen to! This article makes up the third article written on Late Nite Snacks this week alone! The more Late Nite Snacks headline the bigger his chances are in opening up shows for Internet Hollywood in the future!

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