Mayhem Music: Upcoming Female Rapper Mo Budda Releases New “I’m Dope” Music Video

mo budThe return of Mayhem Music marks a new coming of undeniable talent that forces their way through the underground music scene in the most powerful ways. We provide a track that opens a lane for incoming new music from all across Connecticut and neighboring states. The resurrection of the powerful social media outlet has proved itself to be a tool that many unsigned musicians can gain a lot from.  One of the few that has took advantage of that opportunity that was presented with Mayhem Music was an upcoming female Connecticut rapper by the name of Mo Budda. The talented young beautiful lyrical bar dropper has repeatedly topped the Connecticut charts and has even carried the longest #1 streak as a female artist on the Mayhem Music Top Ten. Her excellent ways of delivering explosive bars with a unique style she presents in her flow makes the style a bit difficult for others to copy. The flow is now revisiting Mayhem Music with a new video she just recently released and Mayhem Music is one of the very first few to get a hold of it. We could only wonder if Mo Budda has was it takes to regain the position as one of the biggest chart toppers in Mayhem Music history now that a new social media circuit of Mayhem Music is reborn. We’ll soon see hopefully. Check her new video out below!

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