Mayhem Music: Upcoming Rapper Snacks Giggaty Keeps It Fresh For New Selfie Flick

snacks selfieThe Mayhem Music underground has found all it takes to proceed its daily news coverage of rising talent all over the world. We thrive off of granting exposure to talented individuals thats voted in the circuit of our headlining universe. The colliding forces of energy through sounds holds the ground of each artist that makes their way to the top ten charts. One artist that is no stranger to facing off with numerous artists is an upcoming rapper from Connecticut name Late Nite Snacks. Late Night Snacks has repeatedly found his way into our headlines by staying active in the field of music online while engaging in physical performances. It was almost impossible to attend any event years back without seeing Snacks presence somewhere in the building. Snacks became a household name in the beginning era of Mayhem Music after being the second most powerful artists voted into the #1 spot repeatedly by our elder committee. Snacks is finally making his debut back into the circuits of Internet Hollywood after updating a selfie flick rocking a “Hartford By Nature” hat and dark sunglasses. As always the Mayhem Music heavy hitter looked relaxed and comfortable while capturing himself in his selfie moment alone. The artist also added that the street copies of his Giggaty X Project 2 is currently out now and those that want it will get it delivered to them! We look forward to hearing and seeing more of Late Nite Snacks in the future as Mayhem Music continues to rebuild itself internationally!

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