MCM Photography Gets 6 Models Published In Internet Hollywood Magazine For Amazing Glitter Shoot

Internet Hollywood Magazine – Melissa of MCM Photography has helped 6 models get a feature in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of the year. The photographer accomplished the very hard task after publishing photos from a very creative glitter shoot that captured the attention of Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega who put the pictures under review before the editing to the magazine feature begun.


The 6 pictures includes upcoming models Dani Elise, Kelsey Smith, Nikki Smith, Hayley Cartwright, Anafia Rose and Mary Regina. The incredibly creative glitter shoot occurred a couple weeks of ago in Hartford, Connecticut. All of MCM photography’s followers were well aware of how excited Melissa was for the photo shoot because of the statuses she posted on her social media page.


MCM Photography is the only photographer that has managed to get multiple newer models published in Internet Hollywood magazine at one time. Model Hayley Cartwright is the only one out of the bunch to be featured on two pages after her “Happy Birthday Internet Hollywood” sign was ranked #3 in the magazine.


You could read the entire magazine issue by clicking here.


~MCM Photography Studio~

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