MCM Photography Pulls Off Harley Quinn Character In Cosplay Photo Shoot, What’s Next Sept. 13?

mcm photography shootPrince Vega – On September 13 many ears will hear unfamiliar names for all the right reasons on Internet Hollywood Radio. Melissa Christina Morris will be one of those important names gaining attention for all the hard work she has done throughout the year and where’s better than Internet Hollywood radio to share it?


The founder of MCM Photography Studio has gained a following of thousands for her beautiful work that has captured dozens of eyes belonging to models who has collaborated with her to create the masterpieces she is known for.


She recently teamed up with model Shannon Bielik and two assistants Judy Bielik and Jessica Martin to pull off a stunning cosplay shoot of Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad. The shoot was by far one of the best we seen in the entire summer. We couldn’t see this being perfected anymore than it has been and everyone who participated deserves all the credit for their excellent work. The picture was published early last month with a caption that read:

While I am on a temporary hiatus, here is 1 more of the gorgeous Shannon, as the impeccable Harley Quinn, she totally nailed this shoot and the look here is totally the sweeter softer, side of Ms Quinn us geeks truly know. *plus it was triggered by -that- name*

Dr. Harleen Quinzel: [last lines, as a heavily bandaged Harleen is taken into Arkham Assylum] “Never again. No more obsession, no more craziness, no more Joker. I finally see that slime for what he is: a murderous, manipulative, irredeemable…
[she turns her head to see a rose on her bedside table with a note attatched saying “Feel better soon. – J.”]
Harley Quinn: …angel!

Model Shannon Bielik is an unfamiliar name that has earned her way into this publication because she executed the shoot like a true professional and we applaud her for that. She can also look at this as an invitation to become a part of our Internet Hollywood family like our beautiful Melissa Morris.


All the names of the photographers who makes it on the top 10 chart will be revealed on Internet Hollywood on September 13. You could tune into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page on September 13, Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. (est).


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