Meek Mill Forfeits “Damn I Quit…U Won.” 50 Cent Responds “Get To The Gangsta Sh*t”


Prince Vega – Philly rapper Meek Mill is saying he quit after 50 cent clowned the rapper for using the Flint, Michigan water crisis as leverage to make him look better in court. The Instagram battle quickly escalated to a storm of memes and emojis after Meek Mill targeted 50 cent on his surprised 4/4 EP on a single called Game Em Hope.


You popping sh*t on your Instagram
sh*t that you’re popping ain’t adding up
sh*t that you’re popping ain’t making sense
I got fifty reasons say you’re taking dick
And it’s fifty reasons I should kill, ni**a
But, for real, ni**a, I been taking trips with my Philly ni**as
Got the richest chick, she’s from your hood
Ni**as hating on me, I ain’t really tripping, sh*t, I’m good
I be in the 40 with the .40 on me like I should
I be deep in your ‘hood where you never be at
Be with them guys that you never could never dap
You could never adapt
You know the game, if you cosign a rat, you forever a rat
We were never with that
You tried to go “Money” May with that paper, but now you in debt cause you never was that

50 cent didn’t take too kindly to being called out by the Philly rapper and used Instagram to drive the artists into the ground with hilarious memes and video clips. Check out some of the latest screen shots from the feud.

Screen shots:

meek mill 1meek mill 2

meek mill 3

Meek Mill responds:


Do you think this beef is going to far?

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