Meek Mill Responds To Joe Budden’s Diss Song “Making A Murderer (Part 1)”

meek and joe

Prince Vega – Joe Budden just released what’s arguably one of the best diss songs in hip hop history and now Meek Mill has responded. The song was directly aimed at Drake & Meek Mill and was powerful enough to capture one of his rivals attention who had this to say.

“He’s been dead since 2003 it’s evident …. We don’t talk to dead people unless they presidents,” he wrote, referencing the year of Budden’s breakout hit, “Pump It Up.”

According to MTV, Joe Budden says he dropped the song simply because he wanted to, and because he could (he was stressing how he’s not tied to any label or other party that would hold him back). He also explains that his decision to put it out the same day as his Fabolous and Tory Lanez-assisted single, “Flex,” was, indeed, an intentional one.

Do you think Drake should ignore this diss song? Check the video out below!

You Have To Check This Video Out!!!

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