Meek Mill Sends Subliminal Shots At 50 Cent – 50 Cent Responds: “You Got Something To Say?”

Prince Vega.TV50 cent isn’t too pleased to see Meek Mill’s caption on Instagram that lead him to believe that the Philly rapper was sending subliminal shots at him for taking pictures with a man who Rick Ross allegedly assaulted. After expressing himself emotionally about the death of his artist Dex Osama, who was shot and killed in Detroit after an argument in a strip club, he went on to speak on about other things that may spark up an unexpected beef. Check the screen shots below!



meek mill instagram 1











meek mill instagram 22meek mill instagram 3






It wouldn’t be long before 50 cent found out about this long caption that quickly got him on the defensive, calling Meek Mill out in front of everybody so he’ll come clean and speak his mind if he actually got something he wants to say. (screen shot below)

50 cent responds









We can only hope this situation doesn’t escalate into something that may cause an end to their distant friendship. The last time to two exchange comments was when Meek Mill posted a video laughing about Tony Yayo being tossed in the bushes by 50 cent. 50 cent later responded with a reminder that there is members in his circle he doesn’t like that he’ll drop on their head. What do you think? Do you think this situation will quickly escalate?

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