Melissa Ann of Cosmic Unicornz discuss what influences the designs she creates, selecting models for her runway shows, upcoming projects, having celebrity fans and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts fashion designer Melissa Ann of Cosmic Unicornz is indeed a name everyone could note down under great importance when discussing buzzing talent online. Her hard work and amazing designs have opened a pathway in her career that shows all of the signs of success in the future. She has been very aware of this success and has been keeping the heat coming for everyone to feel where she is coming from.


I got in touch with the busy designer and asked if she would like to do an interview and she replied yes. I sent her over eight questions late last month and finally got her answers back now. We discussed the ideas of her amazing designers, catching the attention of celebrities, the source to her being minded, upcoming projects and more. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Melissa Ann*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Melissa Ann! Now I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now and have told you that on many occasions. You are one of those spot-on artists that everyone could pretty much tell will be a huge star in the future. Your designs are out of this world and so in touch with what’s trending today. What influences your imagination to come up with the amazing ideas you come up with for designs?


Ann: That’s a tough question! I love jaw-dropping, colorful, playful outfits. I like taking easy to wear styles like skater dresses, skirts, tank tops, etc and pushing them to the next level. Right now I’m super inspired by a “bubble-gum-pop-princess-girl-power” aesthetic. I’ll sketch out ideas and color stories, and if I’m screaming with excitement over the design then I know I nailed it. I’ll only start selling a design if it blows my own mind. I’m also really into music and sometimes I’ll hear a song and see an outfit.


Internet Hollywood: You are very dominant in the social media world and have actively pushed your brand day in and day out online. How much time do you invest in pushing yourself online weekly?


Ann: Haha, I’m on my phone promoting myself pretty much every day all day. It’s kind of addicting. I’m very active on Instagram and Twitter (@cosmic_unicornz), Snapchat (cosmicunicornz1) and Facebook ( I also have Tumblr and Pinterest accounts. Sometimes I have to hide my phone from myself so I can get more work done!


Internet Hollywood: You are very young with a business mind state that proves itself to be old and wise. Who gets the credit in influencing you to be the smart entrepreneur that you are?


Ann: I worked at a privately owned art gallery in Providence called Gallery Z for 6 years. The owner taught me everything I know about how to run a successful business.


Internet Hollywood: How does the process in selecting models to walk in your designs go?


Ann: I have a very specific look I’m often searching for in my models. I recently had a model casting and there was an amazing turnout! I’m usually looking for models who would actually wear my designs in real life. The photos are SO much more authentic when the model’s personal look matches my vision! I love girls with fun colored hair and mermaid fairy vibes.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever gone through a period of designers block where you couldn’t design anything?


Ann: Omg totally! I think all artists do! Usually, when this is happening I just keep re-working existing designs and I spend a lot of time in fabric stores looking for inspiration.


Internet Hollywood: When you see your designs in on the runway what kind of things run through your mind and how do you emotionally feel?


Ann: I feel sooooo proud! Like “My baby is all grown up!” To see the design go from my brain-to paper-to bolts of fabric- to the runway- Is a crazy journey!

                               ~*~*Photo by Andre Lambiase | Wardrobe: Cosmic Unicornz*~*~

Internet Hollywood: I’m not going to name any names but huge names are checking out your brands. Is it kinda scary that you are attracting bigger names now?


Ann: YES! It’s scary and exciting but I love the adrenaline and it’s exactly what I want. I LOVE it. I want to work with everyone. My dream is to design a tour wardrobe for someone or make a custom outfit for a red carpet event.


Internet Hollywood: Last question: What are some of the things that you are working on now and what is your main goal to fulfill before this year is out? 


Ann: Right now I am working on getting all of my Halloween orders out. I also just opened a 3-month boutique pop-up shop inside 333 Barbershop and Salon at 333 Huntington Ave, in Boston! Come visit us Wed- Friday, from 2-7 and Saturday from 2-5, or by private appointment. My goal for this year is to just continue to push myself and be authentic. I think if you are in love with you do it shows.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much, Melissa. Keep up the amazing work!


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