Melissa Morris of MCM Photography discuss her new magazine, collaborating with Brysten Bug, the first camera she bought, upcoming projects and more!

Beyond The Lens – Melissa Morris of MCM Photography is a familiar name that a lot of us grown to love in Internet Hollywood this year. She has given me so much to write about and a list of new talent to check out that I still follow to this very day. She has also helped me with plenty of things and even gave me a laptop as a gift at a time I desperately needed one. She’s a beautiful soul and an amazing friend that I will always support.


I had the thought of interviewing the photographer in mind but couldn’t find a time that was comforting enough to really focus on the questions. As soon as I found time to do I messaged the photographer then sent the questions right after. I just recently got all of her answers back and I would love for you all to see what she said. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Melissa Morris*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Melissa! It’s always an honor to have the attention of an amazing person like you. I learned so much from you and I appreciate everything that you have done for me. You will always be appreciated over here. How is everything and what are some things you got going on right now?


Morris: Everything is good, some rough health issues, but luckily it wasn’t the virus knocking everyone down. I send all the love I can when I see that people are sick. Anyways, for me and MCM its been a huge year and the end is nothing different, with the release of the collaborative efforts, the Premier issue of MIRaJ magazine came out and is taking off, we are definitely hoping for some more great submissions for our winter issue Sparkle and Shine, but for me personally, I have some interesting shoots planned for the end of year as well into the new year. Winter, glitz, creative makeup, maybe a winter fairy and some snow bridal. I am also currently accepting new applicants to be one of the Faces of my company for the new year, its always a great opportunity, just ask any of my former ones.


MCM Photography

Internet Hollywood: You recently did a pretty dark photo shoot for Halloween with Brysten Bug and a model name Sarah who was your fallen angel. How did those photo shoots come about and whose idea was it?


Morris: Brysten is an absolute joy to work with and just hang out with, we connect on many levels and even our differences do not keep us from being so close. With Brysten, it was a creepy Wednesday Addams styled shoot shot at an abandoned house, just a mere 5 minutes from my house, we did TWO looks there actually, her hooded demoness one too. She was also an integral part of my Dark Carnival series, playing a Haunted Dollie. Sarah is a new face to me, but she and I have been friends for a while, our timing has just not meshed up well, but we both are determined to change that. I loved her Fallen Angel concept and we ran with it, she delivered on EVERY single image, she cannot disappoint. She is creative, talented and makes so many of her props and accessories herself, a true gem. I cannot wait till our next endeavour.


Internet Hollywood: You are extremely active when it comes to collaborating with models. How easily does the thought of how a shoot should be come to mind and is it important that the style of it switch up times to keep it fresh?


Morris: I absolutely love working with all these ladies, they bring such joy to my life and so many of them have quickly become family to me and have even been invited to my home. I find my inspiration in the weirdest things and then a face comes to mind on who I can see doing it and usually I am spot on, I know who is game for creepy, soft and pretty and even those who will get down and dirty with me, its so much fun, and even if its a concept I have shot myself before, I will add new things to make it unique and fun, I never do the same things twice!!! Even my glitter shoots are varied!



Internet Hollywood: What was your very first camera and do you still use it now?


Morris: My first camera ever was a Nikon 5100 with a kit 18-55 lens and I still own it but I do not use it, it stays around because it has video capabilities and a flip down screen.


Internet Hollywood: Your magazine is still in the process of being developed. Care to share any names that will be featured in the magazine yet?


Morris: Well as I stated above, our First issue just released November first and it was so filled with gorgeous images and fun, fresh content. The cover featured Isabel, as she was shot by Carolynne of Midnightskye Creations, it also features pictures with such faces as Alex Yian, Karissa Bills, Holly Salmon, Mandii Creates, Hannah Kjeldsen, Rhiannon Bethany, Jessie JJ Frank, Brysten Bug, Carolynne Dice, and we had some designer articles featuring Rhiannon Bethany and her designer jewelry and Melissa Ann of Cosmic Unicornz fame, and some creative articles. So, check it out!!!


Internet Hollywood: What are you aiming to accomplish with the first issue of your new magazine?


Morris: An understanding that acceptance is universal and you can be loved, informed and still have good images to look at. We are using this platform to educate as we have a trained licensed therapist who writes a column for us and will make herself available to the masses to answer any questions, her first column on Body Positivity was a resounding hit and I’m very proud to include her in this venture. We also have a quirky fun advice column in which readers can send in questions of ANY nature to be answered by two people, a male and female opinion. Questions, of course, can remain anonymous.


Internet Hollywood: What do you look for in models and makeup artists before choosing them to collaborate one of your projects?


Morris: It’s just a vibe and if I feel they will work for my expanding portfolio and the projects I come up with, then its even better. I rarely turn anyone away because I truly believe all women and men have something, it truly just takes the right fit to make it happen. I may not be the fit, but I can send them in the directions of one who may be.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the other things that you are working on now?


Morris: Ending my year by finishing up a ton of edits that I have fallen behind on, we all do, its terrible. But I put my all into edits to make each one perfect, so while my models may not get a ton of images, those they do get are awesome. So while it may take longer, i feel its worth it. I truly believe in quality over quantity. After all, you can make the shoot with just one out of this world image, all it takes is one.


Internet Hollywood: Is there any people that you would like to work with?



Moris: Ooohh, a wish list of faces id love to capture, that’s rough because I feel it would exclude many if I listed names, but yes I have a wish list of them, we all do. Those models we stalk and would love to have them grace our portfolios. I’m a fangirl, like anyone else. If I HAD to choose, though my Top 7 would be (in no particular order), Miss Mischief, Sarah Bliss, Naidia Black, Astrid Kallsen, Nicole Messenger, Ashley Eliza, and lastly but never least Melissa McCulley



Internet Hollywood: Where does Melissa end up after she conquers all that she wishes? Does photography become a thing in the past or does it continue on? 


Morris: I think it will continue on as it fuels me, it lets me bring all the stuff stuck up in my head to reality and lets me leave a lasting impression through both my photography and hopefully with MIRaJ Magazine, so those who do, can be remembered for more than just being on this planet, but by what they contributed. Plus some of the best, most wonderful friendships I have ever had is from this life, why on Earth would I give that up? No way, I want more, so bring it to me in 2018!!!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Melissa. Keep up the amazing work.



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