Melissa Of MCM Photography Gave Internet Hollywood Founder Prince Vega A Laptop Computer As A Gift!

Holly Scoop – Okay everyone, Melissa Morris of MCM Photography has gone all out and beyond to show Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega just how amazing and supportive she is. The photographer came to Prince Vega’s aid and gave him a new laptop computer after all of his electronic devices at his household were seized due to a pending investigation against one of his relatives.


Many people are unaware that Melissa is the reason Prince Vega is able to get so much done in Internet Hollywood. Without her gift it would’ve took a whole lot longer for Prince Vega to bounce back from that upsetting experience that occurred 24 days before Christmas. She asked him if he needed a laptop, then after she met up with the music artist and gave him out.


Prince Vega had thanked the photographer in a status he shared with all of his friends and followers. He said that the photographer “made his day” and was an amazing friend to have at a time of need. The status was recognized by dozens of Internet Hollywood sensations who were also happy to heart the surprising news.


Melissa is the only photographer that has managed to get six models recruited to Internet Hollywood after an astonishing glitter shoot earlier this year. The shoot included Dani Elise, Kelsey Smith, Nikki Smith, Hayley Cartwright, Anafia Rose and Mary Regina.


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