Meow: One Dazzling Kitty Name Karla Just Became Internet Hollywood’s Newest Model

Prince Vega – Internet Hollywood is opening its doors for its first model from the state of Nebraska. Model Karla Kitty has managed to capture the attention of me and my piers with her stunning photos that has been raining all over her social media page since I friended her!


Kitty’s gorgeous struting and unique poses were undeniably fascinating along with her way of communicating with her following. Her attitude in handling her model duties remained professional and positive as she went through minor bumps along the way in her career.


During a short conversation, Kitty revealed her motivation came after being discovered by a scam photographer. She also went on to explain how her biggest influence is her kids and women that strives to reach their dreams.


“I wanted to (model) since I was a kid. I didn’t think I had what it took until a scam artist discovered me…turned out I had a desired look and I kept with it…here I am a year later viola.”

When asking her to explain more on what she meant about the “scam photographer” she shared exactly what she meant:


“This particular man claimed to own multiple companies….promises woman the world and sadly ends up stealing from them.”


Kitty also told us her influence is her kids and other woman striving to reach their dreams. All it took was a conversation to get the idea of how much of a real deal Kitty is. Her aura is so powerful and the vibe she gives off is bone chilling. She defines class with her amazing personality and unique style of modeling.


We’re hoping to accomplish great things with this absolutely stunning model. The fCongratulations on being our newest sensation Karla Kitty!


The gorgeous photos of Karla Kitty was taken by EAMimages.


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