Messed Up: Travis Barker Releases Music Video For Song He Allegedly Jacked From CT Rapper

barker1Prince Vega – Travis Barker has chosen to release a music video for a song he was accused of jacking from a Connecticut music artist by the name of G.O.L.D. The song delivers a similar melodic pattern in the hook that pinpoints the strong possibility of stolen concepts from Gold’s version of ‘100‘ that features Jordan Meyer. Travis Barker has remained silence or unaware that talks of a lawsuit for the song ‘100’  is being discussed by G.O.L.D’s camp. The song was so controversial that Internet Hollywood’s founder Prince Vega had to weigh in on it.

“I don’t listen to the radio at all,” he admitted in a past report. “But somebody from back home in Connecticut sent me this email of this new Travis Barker song called ‘100’. Tyga is a weirdo, so I wasn’t going to even listen. But Travis is cool with Hopsin and some people involved with Internet Hollywood is affiliated with people from Hopsin’s label Funk Volume, so I listened. It sounded pretty good until the hook came up. I wasn’t really surprised, but it irritated me a bit to hear that part of the hook sounds almost exactly like this hook this guy name Jordan Meyer did on this song called ‘Keep It 100′ with a rapper name G.O.L.D. The timing of it is arguably a factor when it comes to the release of it. The song could’ve been recorded months before it was released. But there is no doubt in my mind that I feel they studied the song G.O.L.D made and switched it up to avoid a lawsuit. That’s pretty lame to me honestly, If he did do it. That’s something that should be handled in court.”

The momentum following the hard work G.O.L.D camp put in to get the world out has been favorable so far. We got word from a source that Ty Dolla $ign was made aware of both versions of the song and was surprised to discover the existence of G.O.L.D’s version of the hook which existed longer. You can check out the videos below.

‘Keep It 100’ – G.o.l.d ft Jordan Meyer

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