Mimi Is Currently The Fastest Growing Model From Connecticut In Internet Hollywood

mimi hot 1Prince Vega – As Mooi Model Bella remains a leading symbol for Connecticut models on Internet Hollywood’s Top Model Charts another rising star in Internet Hollywood is catching heat at very fast pace and nothing is slowing her down. Connecticut’s own Mimi has managed to take advantage of the social media world to expand her connections large enough to book photo shoots in multiple states.  The fascinating news is only the beginning of her journey that started around May 2015.


The news may be surprising to newer readers in a sense, but Internet Hollywood is very aware of how hard Mimi works to get the best out of what she does which stunned thousands and drew a huge amount of traffic to Internet Hollywood along the way.


Mimi is currently the fastest growing model from Connecticut in Internet Hollywood. She has made front page headlines over 9 times in one whole year, also surpassing ProjectXPlatinum superstar Bella by three stories. Her epic collaborations with talented photographers like BeyondXSelfish has contributed to the enormous wave of success the model has gained in Internet Hollywood throughout her freshly new career.

mimi new 17


She continues to learn from her experiences and connections that easily helped her become more wise and educated on how the business functions. She has maintained her reputation and expanded her position wisely, acting as her own public relations representative, promoter, manager, and more. Her hard work could not have been secured without the information she perceived while executing photo shoots and networking with people that has helped her gained a bigger advantage then most models started out in Hartford, Connecticut.


She and Bella is currently the only models our representatives has revealed from Connecticut that has topped our top model charts at #9 and #10. Mimi’s rear performance has put her in a position that will get her far more greater offers than the majority of models coming out of the Hartford County. The gorgeous pictures of the model above was took by BeyondXSelfish.


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