MiMi Quest Begins – Model Debuts In Internet Hollywood’s #SELFIE Magazine

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mimi new 5

Internet Hollywood model Maria is finally closing the doors behind her as she take steps further into her career. The young talented celebrity has left a piece of her for us to remember in our newest #Selfie magazine. The article highlights a popular report from the month of June, officially welcoming the model to our digital universe. Maria’s brilliant mind is one of the reasons why her time has finally made it’s way into our strong promotional platform. Her powerful views are known to be similar with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. The model also openly expressed her disapproval to the government corruption and  the “New World Order” back in 2012. We now open our arms with respect for this impressive young super flower that has blossomed through our digital fortress like no other. Maria has easily gained enough momentum to pressure the competitors that may stand in the way of her topping our international billboard charts. The positive energy she uses to fuel the engine of hope that’s makes the faith in her dream stay alive is a legend story. Her strength is proven to be a force unlike any other whenever she puts her mind to whatever she believes in. Check the beautiful Mimi out in our new magazine issue!


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