MiMi Walking Away From Modeling For Good? Model Deactivates Her Facebook Account

mimi 7Prince Vega – Internet Hollywood’s 10th biggest model may be at risk of losing her chart position after deactivating her Facebook account. The model has been absent from Facebook for almost two weeks and people are scratching their heads and wondering whether the model will return or not.


Members of our committee are connecting dots to the models whereabouts and have reached out to the model personally to see if she’s alright ~ which she is. The reasons behind her deactivation is personal therefore it will not be shared, but we can say she could very well be returning soon. When she is ready we will gladly accept her in our universe again with open arms.


MiMi’s position in Internet Hollywood came after she repeatedly trended in Internet Hollywood in the fourth quarter of last year four times in a two month period. Those results made her one of the fastest growing models reaching celebrity status months after debuting. She was ranked the #10 top model back in January.


With all this mind, it is only normal to wonder how will her decision to deactivate her account for so long impact her success that is slowly growing in Internet Hollywood. As more models continues to put their all in gaining the attention of our committee models like Mimi are at risk of losing that position because halting everything slows the process in building the momentum that’s needed to chart. Will MiMi return? We will soon see! The beautiful featured picture of Mimi  was took by Nom Nom Productions.


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