(Mini Series): Internet Hollywood Model Nicola Cordon Shares Her Dream Business With Us

Model Nicola Cordon is one of many celebrities that will be adding their voices to the Internet Hollywood ‘mini’ article series that documents quick updates from the celebrities in our universe. The purpose of the new access feature is to help readers learn more about our celebrities quicker than usual. The feature will consist of articles written with about 100-150 words. Creating this feature will help provide news at a very fast pace for multiple celebrities at one time. We only have a few journalists, so this will protect other undiscovered talent in our universe that needs recognition much quicker. The mini series will activate a chain in our universe that will trigger thousands of responses all over the world like a chain letter.

(Example #1)

nicola edit 2

A lot of people would sit and imagine what happens behind the life of their favorite celebrities behind the scenes. The creation of Internet Hollywood was made strictly for the purpose of connecting the alternative realm with th mainstream empire that represents the entertainment industry. Today will be the start of our new social media ‘mini series’ feature that will get immediate responses from the universe all around the world. Model Nicola Cordon is giving Internet Hollywood a glimpse of her dreams starting with the business she would start and why, if she was given the chance to.

“Well when I was younger I was pretty creative and liked drawing so I’d say I’d open my own business being a designer, designing stuff like cool artistic buildings or funky rooms within a building.”

Nicola Cordon is a highly active model out of the United Kingdom that continues to dominate the alternative realm with amazing new photos from amazing photographers like Paule Dale.

(Photo above shot by Paula Dale Photographer)

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