Miss Beautiful Chaos talks her new calendar, how she avoids creeps, moving towards designing t-shirts, wanting to collab with Raven Macabre Photography, studying and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts model Beautiful Chaos is someone that I have been following grow intellectually and creatively. She continues to put her amazing mind and drive to good use and has piled up a lot of work for all of her fans to check out. The model also released a calendar with dozens of stunning images of herself.


With all of this mind, I had to find out more information on what’s going on with her. So the first thing I did was contact her through messenger and asked if she would like to do an interview, she said yes. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed doing it!



~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Beautiful Chaos*~*~



Internet Hollywood: Hey Beautiful Chaos! You out of all people should know how excited I get when it comes to you. We have a pretty fun and educational history together with all of our past convos and parties. I definitely made a good friend this year that I will always support because your a friend, and your work is awesome! So how was your Halloween? Did you do any dressing up at all?


Chaos: Heyyy Boo!!! Awww Thank you!! Yessss I am glad we met this year, our convos have helped me through a lot and I hope same for you!!! My Halloween was awesome, I spent it with my babies!! Took them trick or treating, and they had a blast in their PJ Mask costumes. I was supposed to be one of the superhero’s with them, but do you know hard it is to find kid characters in adult sizes LMAO! So I went as a Scarecrow. Haha.


Internet Hollywood: You are currently working on a calendar that you plan on releasing this month. Could you fill us in on what the calendar would contain and when it will be released?


Chaos: Yessss!!!! It has already been released and people have started ordering! Yayyyyy!!!! But it will available until December 15th for ordering. The calendar contains 14 lingerie and nude never before seen pics some taken by photographers and some taken by me, it will be fully uncensored! I love it already!! Been putting in so much work and love into it!!!


Internet Hollywood: You are very magnetic when it comes to inciting the mind to wander off because of how hot you are in your pictures. I’m sure the content you put out also draws out a lot of creeps as well. How do you normally avoid them? Is your block game strong? LOL.


Chaos: LOL!! ohh, thank you!! For sure, every model knows, unfortunately, that comes with the territory! For me, I don’t even engage. I either ignore it, block it or just laugh at it. All they want is attention, if you don’t give it to them then they fall back. but when you sit and argue they keep on being creepy, don’t give them any airtime. I don’t answer messages much either, yes I will say Hi, How you doing? But once it gets inappropriate I leave the convo and BLOCK! Yep, my block list game is on fire! lol. Example – A guy commented on one my pics, those look like fake implants, instead of getting mad or coming back with a sly remark. I said “Yep they are, no shame!” and he just wrote “at least your honest” and moved on. DONE! You got to be proud of what you are doing. If you feel bad about what you are doing then the remarks are gonna get to you. But when you say this is what I love to do and I’m not letting anyone change that, then peoples comments, creepiness whatever doesn’t even faze you…I just laugh and wonder how the hell do y’all be coming with this stuff, LMAO!


Internet Hollywood: What’s the next step after your calendar is released? What will you be working on then?


Chaos: If the calendar goes as well as I hope, fingers crossed!! I am looking into t-shirts I found a place that makes BOMB shirts, none of that iron on stuff lol and then later next year I want to release a Black and White coffee table book!!! So I got ideas, just taking it day by day and letting the magic happen.


Internet Hollywood): Are there any people that you would like to collaborate with?


Chaos: Ohhh yes definitely!! One is Raven Macabre I love his work, It’s so unique which you know I love!! I’ll be in that inbox soon. lol. Miss Mischief is definitely on my list to hit up!!! there are definitely a few more, but I always love collaborating with photographers and models if your work is good and we can make amazing art then let’s do it!!! I am goofy, fun and but we come out with DOPE art!



Internet Hollywood: You are one of the few people that I know that easily bounces back into modeling after taking a break. What is your key source of motivation that gets you back in the game harder than before are you took a break?



Chaos: Awww thank you!!! I think so many people forget that it is okay to take a break! No matter how you much you love what you do, you have to take a break before you burn out. That’s why we have weekends off from work you need time to unwind. So I never see it as a break, I see as “ME” Time. I take that time to relax, without no schedules. I do all the things I have been wanting to do. Catch up on shows, date night, go out and just have fun. Then I always leave time to improve my skills. I study, really I study. I look at magazines, other models, other photographers, fashion to see what I like and don’t like. and try to add and improve on poses, makeup, hair, wardrobe etc. This gets me excited to come back and kill new shoots!! When we keep doing the same thing over and over we get the same results. You have to accept change, and take risks.



Internet Hollywood: What are some things about you that may surprise some people?



Chaos: Hmmm let’s see…Well, the main thing so many always laugh at is I am much shorter than I appear! lol, Don’t let the heels fool you. When people see my photos they always think I am tall. Then they meet me and you see the 4’11 1/2 (that half counts lol) ball of goof haha. I am such a Horror Addict!! Damien Thorn, Jeepers Creepers, Candy Man, Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy Krueger…I could go on and on lol I freaking love Thai Food!! I could eat it all day…that could also be because I am Black and Thai! Yep there some Asian in there lol



Internet Hollywood: What goal are you hoping to get accomplished before this year is out? 



Chaos: Career-wise, I am hoping to get my promo video done!!! Ohh I am so excited. I will be working with NOLSINC in N.Y. It’s going to be amazing to have for promotion and just document how far I have come! Life wise – I want to take my boys and my hubby to N.Y to see the Rockefeller tree for Christmas. I have always seen it in movies and always said I will one day take my kids to see it! and I finally can! teary moment. lol.



Internet Hollywood: When you fulfill your career goals what’s the first step after and some of the people you imagine being there when you take it?



Chaos: Once I fulfill my career goals in modeling, actually before too I want to go back to school for psychology. I want to first study the minds of abusers, learn the ins and outs, their emotions, their feeling, their circumstances. I want to know how we break the cycle for future generations. I also want to open my own practice as a psychologist, but hopefully one of the first therapists to focus on human trafficking trauma. When I do that I know my two lil princes will be there I want them to know its okay to help people, we can’t forget those in need because we are scared or too afraid to say something. I want them to know you follow your dreams, don’t let no one or nothing distract you. and of course, I know my main support my hubby Joseph will be there. and of course, all those who have helped along the way to get where I am at the time and now.



Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Chaos. I always enjoy chatting with you. Keep up the great work!



~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Beautiful Chaos: Instagram – Facebook

Photographer: Dana B. Photography

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