Miss E Speaks On Returning To Connecticut To Co-Host The ‘Hi Haters Show’ With Lovey XL

Miss E 2Prince Vega – One of the most respected radio personalities in Connecticut’s underground music scene is now opening up to Internet Hollywood for the very first time and every question has been considered. Miss E is popular among unsigned musicians in Connecticut and has helped along-side Lovey XL to contribute to the growth of hundreds of musicians who needed a platform to express themselves musically on both radio and open mic events. As a mater of fact, Lovey XL & Miss E were the first radio hosts to play Prince Vega’s music on a FM radio station.


Now that Miss E has returned it is only right to dig into her public life to give our readers a light to see this influential figure from her point of view. During our discussion she freely expressed the reasons why she pursued co-hosting a radio show, what made her do it, and backlashes from pushing it too far while co-hosting with Lovey XL.


“The Hi Hater Show started a few years before me,” she said. “Lovey started the show and then invited me to join. At first I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t feel like I would be a good radio personality, but he sort of forced me to come in to do a couple shows. The reason that I didn’t think that I would be a good radio personality was because I have always been very shy and soft-spoken but it was like once I got in the studio it was like a whole nother world, so I was really comfortable which was unexpected. LOL. So I came in and did the show and the rest is history.”

Q: What made you decide to return to Connecticut and pursue hosting as a radio personality that actually show support and give input on Connecticut musicians?

“I still live in Albany. However, I do come out to Connecticut once a month the first Saturday of every month to do the Hi Haterz Show with Lovey and I do that because it feels like hip-hop. And the unsigned artists platform in Connecticut is slowly going downhill. When I had major hype out there I was doing the showcases it seems like the dynamic was so much different back then and I just kind of feel like we need to get that energy back, It’s like people had something to look forward to every month and I just want to bring some of that back with the Hi Haterz Show and the response from everyone has been amazing. Everyone has been pretty much very excited to have us to back together and on the air so …it’s pretty awesome!”

MISS E 3Q: I’m sure being a radio personality can take its toll on someone that really wants to vent on things happening in someones personal or public life. Have there ever been a time you slipped up on the radio and said things you weren’t suppose to say and got a huge backlash?

“We we do talk about personal stuff sometimes only because when it comes to radio you have to be real. People can feel when you’re not being yourself or you’re not being real, so we do have times where we talk about real issues. Me personally, I feel like it’s OK to talk about personal issues to a certain extent because we all have them and we all have feelings, however my main goal when on the radio is more of a supportive thing, like I feel like me having a voice on the radio gives me the opportunity to empower other people to make other people feel good. When playing an unsigned artist to me that’s everything!! To have your music played on the show and to have someone talking about your music and something that you created it’s an amazing thing, so for me that’s what it’s about, although we do have very personal topics that we speak about, it’s mainly about giving people a voice and letting other people be heard, happy and appreciated because we do appreciate unsigned artists. We do appreciate their contribution to the world of hip-hop.To see someone’s face it or to hear someone’s reaction when they hear their own music on the radio is just pretty much what makes it all worth while for me. So to answer your question, there has been plenty of times where not only myself but especially Lovey, lol, slipped up on the radio and said things that may have not been the most politically correct thing to say. lol. And you know sometimes people don’t like it but it is what it is. You can’t please everybody in everything that you do and we don’t try too. We just aim to do what we do which is to entertain to make people happy, to make people feel special, too hopefully allow for someone’s music to be heard by the right person at the right time and you know, get the deal that they looking for. That’s pretty much our main goal. To provide this platform, so the backlash from people, we really don’t care honestly. we say what we want to say and we do whatwe do then we go home to our lives. But their opinion is just their opinion…it’s all love tho. lol.”

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