Miss Jailynn Popularity Lands Her 5th Place On Internet Hollywood ‘Top Models’ Chart

jailynn 2Miss Jailynn is making enough noise to draw recognition from the board and her work is finally paying off. She has grown through the committee within our headlining universe from her view points that addressed controversial topics that caused a chain reaction in our universe almost the size of the famous Isabel Vinson effect! Miss Jailynn has provided enough pressure to hold onto her spot on the top without falling beneath the wheel while taking a ride through the second floor committee voting polls. The beautiful freelance model has slipped her way through some hard times and still have managed to cause a chain reaction with model Cristal Catalina after publicly speaking against Obamacare on Cerulean.TV. Jailynn was one of many models spoken of on Internet Hollywood radio for her strong efforts that earned her over three headlines with over seven mentions in the course of five months! Though many may not know of the struggle she’s been through while going down her path as a model in Internet Hollywood many will soon find out. This tatted little beauty has made herself known for carrying out some of the most presentable pictures that expressed her relationship with her tattoos freely without concern of what anyone may think of it. The strength she uses to fight through the struggles in her life earned her  the nickname “Triple Threat” alongside Models Sandi and Blu Jess. Miss Jailynn is no stranger to our super committee. The young beautiful down to earth sweet heart continues to find her way into our headlines and today she has found her way into the top ten!

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