Miss Jailynn Speaks To Internet Hollywood About Wanting To Start An Animal Rescue/No Kill Shelter

jailynn 5

Model Miss Jailynn is making headlines after sharing her dreams with us about the type of business she would start if given the chance. The absolutely adorable young ProjectXPlatinum model is keeping her heart warm for animals in need of shelter. Jailynn didn’t mind expressing why she’d spread her cape to rescue animals in need of care inside of the new home she would build strictly for that purpose.

“So many people think that animals are disposable, and they’re not! They’re just as important as a person. The amount of animals that get euthanized every day because of backyard breeders and people who aren’t responsible pet owners; those of which do not spay or neuter their pets.”

Miss Jailynn is no stranger to our universe. The popular headlining model  has created such a gigantic impact in the month of June she was ranked the  5th most popular model in Internet Hollywood! Miss Jailynn and model Cristal Catalina is responsible for creating the biggest trending reactions in our universe after speaking publicly against Obamacare.

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