Miss Mischief discuss becoming a photographer, learning how to use a camera, establishing Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine, the origins of her name and more!

Beyond The Lens – Miss Mischief is giving us some time out of her busy schedule to fill us in on what’s going on with her and the next moves she plans to take for 2018. I have been following her work for a while and notice her efforts in bringing the best out of the work she puts in in her shoots. She has a wide variety of content that deserves a lot more exposure and I honestly feel she will work her way to capturing whatever it is she seeks in the future.


I asked Miss Mischief if she would like to do an interview over messenger and she said yes. After she agreed I wrote up a couple of questions for her to answer and sent it to her inbox. Check out the interview and the links to her page below!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Miss Mischief*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Miss Mischief!! I’m honored to interview you for our website. We have been connected through Facebook for a while and your content continues to get better and you continue to get even more beautiful. How is modeling go for you this year and are you currently working on anything right now?


Miss Mischief: I’ve done very little modeling lately unless it’s for the crocheted tops and skirts I make or the many other things I make! I’ve always loved modeling and quite often made me feel creative! I still love modeling, but I’ve found new passions that have completely turned my creativity into an obsession!


Internet Hollywood: You possess many abilities and one of them that really stands out is photography. What motivated you to want to become a photographer and what was the first camera you invested in?


Miss Mischief:: I love modeling but was feeling like I wanted to express myself artistically in other ways. My best friend, mentor and business partner, Shaun (aka Reverend Vegas) took me under his wing immediately. With well over 15 years of photographic experience, Shaun has taught me so much. I was fortunate enough to start out using his camera, so the investment was minimal. We recently acquired a newer piece.


Internet Hollywood: How much time did you invest into learning how to use a camera and how did your first few shoots turn out when you did them?



Miss Mischief: I am still learning, I learn something new everytime I shoot. I have watched Shaun shoot for years, which made easing in a lot easier. My very first shoot was published on the cover of Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine and then Xpressions Magazine. I was elated!

Internet Hollywood: I also saw that you were an art director at Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine. How did that come about? Are you currently still working with them at the moment?



Miss Mischief:: I am! My partner and I established Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine many years ago! We are always looking for new artists to feature along with models, photographers, musicians..It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase more of the beautiful art that exists.


Internet Hollywood: What are you currently concentrating on that is your #1 priority right now?



Miss Mischief: My priority at the moment is Photography! Secondary to that is creating clothing and accessories.


Internet Hollywood: You also have a beautiful display of colors in your tattoos. How many tattoos do you have and are you planning on getting more?



Miss Mischief: I’ve lost count on how many tattoos I have. I started getting tattooed over 20 years ago and I just kept going! I do plan on getting more! I have plans for many more (like most)!!


Internet Hollywood: Where did you get the name Miss Mischief?



Miss Mischief: I acquired this name about 11 years ago when a friend of mine called me Miss Mischief. It just sort of stuck.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; are you planning on exploring things other than what everyone sees you doing currently?


Miss Mischief: I am always exploring new ways to create art. I’ve recently started taking photos of different plants, metals and other things through a microscope. It’s fascinating and makes for a great image! I hope that I never stop exploring new ways to create.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Miss Michief! Keep up the great work!



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Miss Mischief: Facebook (Model)  – Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine

The photos in this story were taken by Miss Mischief.

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