Miss Teen Rhode Island United States Returns to Internet Hollywood, Speaks In Honor Of Miss USA

francine lillian 4Prince Vega  – 2015’s Miss Teen Rhode Island Pageant Francine Lillian  has returned to Internet Hollywood and she looks absolutely stunning! The gorgeous model opened up her life for the world to explore a wonderful memory in honor of Miss USA.  The title holder defended the stereotypes against the pageants and dared for anyone to be as brave as them and take on the hard challenges that comes with it.


Facebook Post:

So in honor of Miss.USA tonight.
Last summer I competed in the most amazing,terrifying and eye opening event in my life. I competed on the Miss.United states stage,I was Miss.teen Rhode Island United States 2015. Tonight on social media there (yet again) has been a lot of criticism on pageants and the girls who compete in them. Many involving “how could the judges ask such personal questions” Think about it ..do you want someone who is not open,honest and pure to represent our nation? And other comments such as the typical “pageant girls are just there to look good none of them have a brain.” I would please like anyone who said anything along those lines to please go on that stage and answer those questions in front of that many people with the grace those girls had, especially Hawaii an DC. Oh and by the way if you didn’t catch her speak Miss.DC ( now Miss.United States) Serves OUR country in the military. I dare you to even go up on that stage and walk in your swimsuit or evening gown, because trust me while your on that stage all you are doing is smiling but all you want to do is not fall and not cry. Take it from me who got to be backstage with a bunch of “pageant girls” at Miss.teen United states that it is not all about beauty because every single girl who competes in these pageants are caring, motivated and intelligent. We are all so much more than pageant girls who smile and wave on stage .. we are leaders,students,soldiers,lawyers,and so much more. So next time you see a pageant girl..try to have a conversation with her instead of just judging her because of what you think she does.

End Rant
Love always,
A proud Pageant Girl
-Miss.Teen Rhode Island United States 2015

francine lillian 2Franny also attached a video to the social media post. You will most likely not see it here because Facebook videos does not have embedded links yet.


Lillian’s first front page debut on Internet Hollywood was in the month of October 2015. She was granted celebrity status after winning 12 out of 13 of our private committee members votes. She is the only model in Internet Hollywood that has ever won over almost every voting member of our panel. That alone will be beneficial to her as our top model charts approaches.


You can hear more about Franny Lillian by tuning into Internet Hollywood Radio on Tuesday, June 15th at 8:30 p.m. (est.). The host will be Internet Hollywood’s founder Prince Vega.


It is unsure whether Lillian will be in the next Internet Hollywood Magazine. We would most likely get the answers to that in upcoming weeks to come! Look forward to hearing more about our adorable Franny Lillian in the future!

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