Mo.Physique discuss her fitness life, talks dieting, her favorite workouts, visiting America, maintaining her motivation, Black Panther and more!

Beyond The Lens – Mo.Physique is a beautiful female from the United Kingdom that has chosen to live a lifestyle of fitness and used her Instagram account to share videos of her workouts. I happen to come across her page after seeing a reaction video to the Black Panthers movies on a really cool Youtube channel titled COCOQUEENS. (Channel)


Don’t let this beautiful face fool you. Mo.Physique is incredibly strong and shows that strength in her videos when she lifts weights you wouldn’t think she could. After seeing that I decided to get in contact with her for an exclusive interview. I just couldn’t give up the chance learning about her. She struck me as someone very strong, dedicated, highly principled, amazingly attractive and hard as steel. I hope you get that vibe while reading this story. Enjoy!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Mophysique*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Mo! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I’m happy to be the one to give you your very first interview with us. I came across your page on Instagram and seen that you were pretty determined with your dedication to working out. I thought it would be cool to learn a little more about your life and the things that you’re into. Before we begin, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?


Mo.Physique: Thank you for letting me be apart of your platform. Well I’m from the U.K., 20years and I study American Studies at University of Derby and I love working out


Internet Hollywood: How did you develop the motivation to keep yourself in the gym and did you have to make any changes in your personal life to successfully do it?


Mo.Physique: Basically, when I was in the USA I got really into the gym, and I just went every day, what kept my motivation was seeing how I progressed every day and the stronger I was getting. I’m actually ok with balancing the gym and school.


Internet Hollywood: A couple people I know that dedicated themselves to that lifestyle are planning on investing in their own gym in the near future. Is there a main goal centered around your fitness life, like, a gym of your own possibly?


Mo.Physique: I would love to own my gym; I would like to be a PR of my private company to develop other fitness people and their brand.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of diet do you put yourself on when your main focus is to lose weight and build muscle and what are some of your favorite foods to eat it?


Mo.Physique: I try to eat a lot of protein and set meal plans according to my weight gain goal, and my favorite food is Salmon and avocados they are so yummy! Haha.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite things to do while you are working out?


Mo.Physique:  I love working out on my hamstrings the most and of course the booty, haha. Though I have new content different parts of the body so watch out!


Internet Hollywood: What was your greatest weapon that kept you moving forward at times you were losing motivation?


Mo.Physique: The Black Panther movie has a great message to people of colour, and how all of us should unite as one, it is a compelling movie, going to watch it again very soon!


Internet Hollywood: You recently did a pretty cool review on the Black Panthers with the CoCo Queens that was pretty dope. I pretty much know your videos on it because I watched the video. Lol. But could you let our readers know what you thought about the movie and what kind of message do you think a major movie like this sends to people of color?


Mo.Physique: Start with light weights and build from there. Form is essential as you don’t want to suffer any injuries. However just challenge yourself every day and keep in mind of your goal.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what are some of the do’s and don’ts for beginners that want to start working out and lifting weights?


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