MoBudda discuss the origins of her name, wanting to encourage her community, opening up for Lil Kim, wanting to collab with Chris Webby, ANoyd and more!

Beyond The Lens (Music) – Connecticut Hip Hop artist MoBudda is back on our front page after completing her first interview with us earlier this month. The interview has been in the works since late September and all of her answers were delivered in an email to us on October 1st. As soon I found the time I immediately started piecing together a story to finally put out the interview with this awesome musician. Enjoy!
~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Mo Budda*~*~
Internet Hollywood: Hey MoBudda! I’m definitely excited to share this time with you for an interview for Even though most of our readers are unaware of the Mayhem MusikKk era, music is starting to become a centerpiece of our focus and as it continues to grow I made it a priority to share news about the amazing talent I’ve witnessed before Internet Hollywood’s existence. Could you please clue our readers in on who you are and what you do?
MoBudda: I’m just a writer a artist/rapper born in Hartford CT raised by a single parent Queen. I’m a Mother the oldest of two sisters, I have a 2 biological bothers and 3 step bros. I’ve been writing poems about our life which later turned into music since I was about 14 maybe even younger. I performed over 100 shows including opening for Lil Kim. Started recording somewhere around 16 I believe, and I have about 75 solo songs recorded thus far. I took my career serious invested into myself around 2009 and I’ve been non stop grinding since. I dropped a mixtape helped on a few peoples projects, dropped 2 solo projects, videos singles and it still making a name for myself still building a team.
Internet Hollywood: You are definitely one of the most creative people I know that takes the art of your content very seriously. Were you guided by someone that taught you the ropes on shaping your craft or did you pretty much learn it yourself?
Mo Budda: Thank you, I try to do a lot by myself my style has always stood out that way. When I was younger I use to sketch out clothes I would want to wear and now i’m making my own gear or finding a way to get it done. I did not do everything by myself, I have waisted money trying too. I have had pretty good direction from my manager Kyle ‘LP’ Hinkson aka Large Politics – CEO of BiggBoy Management.
Internet Hollywood: One of my favorite songs of yours is ‘Ring The Alarm’ for numerous reasons. One of them I would like to share is how the tone of your voice tends to change up in your songs when the beat is different. In an era of music when so many things are similar do you feel you may soon have to adopt the sounds that are out now?
Mo Budda: Ring the Alarm was a freestyle, I never wrote that stuff down, to me I felt like I was trying to fit in, I was trying to sound like a hard rapper which led me to create the hook of the song. Later on that sound turnt me off, I realized its not about trying too hard but your delivery. I needed to find myself, I don’t need to adapt I just try to keep that pin moving thats why I’m excited to be starting my latest project which takes me back to YOTP. Since I can sing but I do not consider myself as a singer I can flip a song based on how the beat sounds to me. I want to make a artist want to buy a song from me, dam I need Mobudda to do this hook or I think she can write a creative song for me. I write how the record feels and I try to keep it 100.
Internet Hollywood: Where did the name MoBudda come from?
Mo Budda: My name came from more bread, more success, and more blessings. Plus one day my pops said you should call yaself Mobudda because your More Butter then Mrs. Butterworth. lmaoo. yeah but it grew on me, so I changed it from the heartbeat child to Mobudda.
Internet Hollywood: What’s your views on the music industry now that things have changed and who do you feel is responsible for the way it has turned out?
Mo Budda: The industry makes it look like it happens over night, but you need at least 8-10 years of grind before some will even look at you. You need a dope radio person on your team, a dope PR, or song writer/ production producers, etc it takes a team. With out that where are we going ? Today’s music is all fun and turnt up. I think Lil Tunechi’s is responsible for rappers like Young Thung, Future, Lil Uzzie etc. but I’m a Lil Wayne fan. Then you have people like Jayz, Kendric, Nas, and Jcole to name a few to balance teach and inspire. Everyone has a place. The industry has changed we came a long way from Lauryn Hill to Cardi B all that shows is you have to go hard and believe in yourself and have that dope team with a plan.
Internet Hollywood: Do you feel mixtape CDs are useless now that digital outlets are performing better in sales versus physical copies?
Mo Budda: Mixtapes are dope if you have a bunch of different features, the streets love mixtapes. If you are a good looking artist you can make 2-5$ just off the cover of your mixtape on the streets. Lets start thinking money.
Internet Hollywood: Who are some artists that you want to work within the mainstream and underground?
Mo Budda: Main stream artist King Kendrick Eminem, JCole, Chance The Rapper, The Dream, Jayz, Nas…Lauryn Hill I like Unc Murda too.. uumm underground Amplified Dot, Chris Webby, Anoyd.
Internet Hollywood: Are there songs of yours you don’t play to avoid bringing back a certain memory or emotion?
Mo Budda: Eve love is blind, uumm John B they dont know, Dear Mama, Drag On Life Goes On.
Internet Hollywood: How does the story of MoBudda ends before you settle down or move on to other things for good?
Mo Budda: I hope I can make more songs addressing more social issues, encourage, boss up have fun live life. I would enjoy helping my own communities. I’ve listen to Malcom X and the teaching of Marcus Garvey and watched my parents invest and give jobs back into the community way before Jayz 444. So that’s something I’d like to leave behind as well or do even better. The struggle is still real we haven’t made a way out yet but we surviving.
Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview MoBudda!
Mo Budda: Thank you Justin and the Internet Hollywood team for supporting me thus far. Truly Blessed.
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