MoBudda, Oscar Black, V-Ness, Big Mach, Thump & More To Perform At Sully’s Pub On July 9th

session live
Prince Vega
– Sully’s Pub is going to be one packed show on July 9th thanks to dozens of Connecticut artists who will be performing that night at the Session Live Concert. Flyers reveal that DJ QT & DJ B. Davis will be on the turntables while the show kicks off on 2071 Park St. in Hartford, CT.  The tickets for the event are on sale for $10 until 6 p.m. then the price is expected to rise to $15. The Independents Day celebration for independent artists will be presented by TheSession.Net, EPM Live & Beekay Entertainment.


The list includes: Klokwize, Pacewon, Oscar Black, Ace is Working, MoBudda, Lex, Ysanne, Cife…Man, King Munch, V-Ness, Notoriety, Marvalyss, Elle-Ce, Williano Italiano, Sees, Millie, Leon Marin, Feel Good Drift, Bobby Cross, Reala Realz, Lael Dozier, Thump, Rassko Lean, Theo Manchild, Chief O.P., Lateral Edge, Profit, All Around, Banga Bandanaz, Ovid The Poet, Colossal Groove, Big Mach, K.O., Roy-al, Philly, Profecy Da Future, C.Q. The Poet, Birdcall, Chaz, and more.

Although there is a huge amount of names I could think of that should be in the show, we should appreciate the fact that dozens of known and unknown Connecticut artists are deciding to make this show something worth remembering in the name of an independent celebration. For more information on the event go to!

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